Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Episode 27: With Great Power

Hello, loyal listeners! I've noticed a significant increase in our listenership over the last month- and I'm almost certain it has to do with the guys over at Crit Academy giving us such positive shout-outs in their last few episodes. So all of you out there, go over and give Crit Academy a listen! They're a great podcast and if you like Inter-Party Conflict, you'll probably like them. (And vice versa.)

In this week's episode we talk about killing your players because they don't know how to play the game, telling other players at the table what to do, making your puzzles impossible, and tacking on extra plot twists to pad out the campaign. (Or... wait, maybe those were the other way around. Is it opposite day? No? Then that means yes?) We also have another item from Justin at Crit Academy, and hopefully no sound issues this time.

One thing I should note: There's been a buzz around the proverbial water cooler that supposedly Soundcloud is having issues. If that's true and not just rumor, then that will probably mean some changes for us in the future, though I'm not certain exactly what. I'll play it by ear and let you all know whenever I know- though I doubt it will mean much of a change (beyond me having to go back and edit thirty or more links in the blog here...).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this (tangent-filled) episode, and thanks for listening!

Episode 27 - Inter-Party Responsibility

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Questions answered this episode:

1. As the DM is it my responsibility to make sure characters are playing to the best of their ability or should I let the other party members sort that out? Should I run combat encounters in a more forgiving manner or play on the side of realism?

2. As a player, how do you discourage another player from hogging the spotlight constantly but do so with tact?

3. When creating a puzzle or riddle for the players, should I always have a backup ready in case they can't solve the puzzle or should I offer hints until they do?

4. What do you feel about campaigns having plot twists that make the game longer?


Noteworthy links:

Ethereal Filcher, the monster Jeff mentioned

The Matrix, a lesser-known indie movie from the late 90's about hackers

The Quiet Earth, one of the movies I talked about

Labyrinth, another movie because why not

Resident Evil

Carrot Top (Note: I originally had a more current video to link, but Carrot Top looks so terrifying now I went with an older one that I actually found genuinely funny. Don't tell Jeff.)

Space Flea From Nowhere (Warning: TVtropes is a black hole you will never escape from)

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