Audio Clips

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the audio clips used on this podcast, and where I got them:

1. Intro/outro music: "Inspiration" by Boxcat Games 

2. Inter-Party Conflict "ding": Ding Sound Effect (Now, this one's a bit embarassing: I actually don't know where I got this from originally. There's a lot of sources for it online, like the one I linked here, but I don't know where it originated from or if this is the link I got it from. Most of my sound effects are from but this one is a bit of an outlier. So if anyone has issue I apologize.)

3. Dragon's Hoard intro and music: The intro is a combination of two clips- Fire-Breathing Dragon by CGEffex, and Ambient Battle Noise by pfranzen. The music is "Rolling" by BoxCat Games.

4. Apparently I used a clip of audience laughter in an episode where I made a joke; I don't remember the context. But it was Audience Laughter by kukla.

5. On episode 13, I used a dramatic music sting after the outro: Dramatic10 by digifish

6. Age of Worms "ding": Dong 1 by Daphne_in_Wonderland

7. In the Garg and Moonslicer bonus episode, I used a few sounds and some music: Thunderstorm Ambience by chrscrwfrd18Barn Sounds by bone666138, and The Sonata (Piano Loop) by ShadyDave.

8. Sad trombone sound in episode 22: Sad Trombone by Benboncan

9. "Several minutes later" old-timey piano in episode 23: Remixes of 79572__razzvio__old-fasioned-auto-piano by Timbre

10. In episode 24 I introduced two more "Dings" ("Gongs") that I may or may not use again in the future: Gong hit by GowlerMusic and Gong-Cambodia by cdrk

11. In episode 26 there's a little fanfare that plays when we announced our 100th question. The fanfare was from Yo Homies by Ill Mitch, used with permission.

12. The new segment, The Funeral Pyre, features two audio clips for its intro: Ancient Tragedies by 13NHarri, and Nighttime Bonfire 2 by samararaine.

13. Episode 32 uses a record scratch sound effect to indicate something has been cut out. This sound is Cut Scratch.wav by Raccoonanimator.

14. Episode 33 has a transition sound effect taken from Deep Woosh #1 by Kinoton.

15. Episode 36 introduces the Dark Souls "Ding", which is the sound effect that plays when you die in any of the Dark Souls games, made by From Software. This was not used with permission, however as far as I can tell it falls well within Fair Use. I got the particular sound clip from this Reddit thread.

16. Episode 38 brought in the Arcade Cabinet "Ding", which is the sound that plays when Pac-Man dies in the original Pac-Man arcade game. As with the Dark Souls "Ding", this is used under fair use. I found a lot of clips but I believe the one I used came from this Youtube video.

17. Our Halloween episode (episode 42) had several horror-themed sounds, including Spooky Gong by VeilerEcho Dungeon 5 by ibm5155, Blood Curdling Scream by grghson, and Wolf Howl by naturestemper, plus a few clips from an old Screams CD that I haven't been able to find any information about online. So, if you own the rights to that CD, sorry! Please contact me so I can give you proper credit.

18. I brought in another Arcade Cabinet Ding (the exact episode and context escapes me, I think it was Bonus Episode 2) which is a clip of Jumpman scoring some points in Donkey Kong (I think I got it from this video here but I'm not a hundred percent positive). Again, fair use.

19. Episode 48 has Rimshot Joke Funny by deleted_user_7146007 after I made a bad joke, and then a little snippet of Pretty Pluck Sound by memz.

20. In episode 51, I used Arcade Ambience 3 by maxstcroix for the intro to the Dragon's Hoard, as well as Kill them all by theuncertainman for part of a "Bandit Ding".

21. In episode 52, I used the "The More You Know" tune while making reference to the Public Service Announcements that used to air on network TV. I found the sound clip here.

22. The intro for our Patron-only bonus episodes includes excerpts from Cash Register by GowlerMusic.

23. I threw a sound of logs being knocked over in episode 58, taken from Kicking a pile of wooden blocks they tumble down by jorickhoofd.

24. The new sound effects mash-up when we announce a Chapel on the Cliffs winner includes rocky_mtns_train_horn.wav by polymorpheva.

25. Episode 63 had lots of new sound cues, including fire alarm.wav by payattentionRestaurant in Paris by Greg BaumontSharpen Knives by JaredGibbSharpen Knives (Messer Schleifen) by gblankeCrackling Bacon by TheAcidRomance, and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, included under fair use.

26. Episode 67 has a buzzer sound (sort of an anti-ding) which I got from this Youtube link. I apologize for not knowing its origin- if anyone knows, please notify me so I can give credit where it is due!

27. Episode 70 includes a clip of the public domain music Turkey in the Straw, which I got from Youtube.

28. In episode 71 I use a lightsaber sound effect created by joe93barlow called on0.wav.

29. In episode 73 I used both the Wilhelm Scream and the Howie Scream, both created elsewhere but used under fair use.

30. In episode 74 I started using an air horn sound effect to announce new patrons, created elsewhere but used under fair use.

31. In episode 92, I used a few sound effects during the Dragon's Hoard segment to create a spooky atmosphere. Those sound effects were Door Bell Rings by LanDubspooky wind 1.wav by nhaudiometal door shutters close impact rattle at the same time and light chain movement after.wav by kylesDoor or floor Squeak by botha9johann, and creaky-door-02.aif by Spleencast.

32. In episode 93, when mentioning music from 2008 I included a short clip from the Natasha Bedingfield song Pocket Full of Sunshine, used within fair use.

33. In episode 100 (whoo!) we used a couple sound effects, including Party noise maker by soundstack and Energy Blast by Kinoton.

34. In episode 106 we used ToiletFlush(1)_bip.wav by passAirmangrace.

35. Bonus Episode 6 involves many sound effects and songs, which you can find here, in no particular order: Scary Ambient Music (Creepy Chambers) by The Bose Deityhorse hooves on stone.wav by playaudio1Sad Song Loop by DigiZooOld Music Box by keina_espineiraExplosion by Iwiploppenisseangry mob loop.aiff by benjaminharveydesignFanfare 3.wav by primordialityGalloping Horse.wav by prosounderMoving a boulder.wav by BW_ClowesFire-breathing dragon.flac by CGEffexDragon Roar by qubodupBrutal Kung Fu Punches.aif by Project_TridentLet's Go to Zanzibar by lena_orsaArrow_woosh__twang_01.wav by strangely_gnarled, and sad song.mp3 by cheesepuff.

36. In episode 121, I punctuated a casting of Thunderwave with kl_ex1.wav by Klerrp.

37. In episode 135, I truncated the Dragon's Hoard intro and added cough10.aiff by Fratz and clear throat s'cuse me.wav by Reitanna.

38. In episode 141, I used part of Supermarket PA.mp3 by nigelcoop as a notification sound.

39. In episode 142 I spiced up our Funeral Pyre intro a bit with Wolf howl by NaturesTemper.

40. For our Bonus Episode 7, I used Applause 3.WAV by Sandermotions between segments.

41. In episode 150, during the Dragon's Hoard intro, you were treated to thirty seconds of Rock Lobster by the B-52s, included under Fair Use.

42. Episode 152 introduces a new segment, the Retirement Village. For its intro I used a clip of audio from the movie Troll 2 (a snippet of a wordless song being sung by a group of townsfolk around the 60 minute mark) as well as Bingo game being called. by fkunze.

43. In episode 161 I used a toilet flushing sound effect, gotten from Toilet Flushing by IESP.

44. At the end of episode 167 I used the sound of a red hawk (which is typically used in place of the sound of an eagle on TV and in movies) and I got the sound clip from here.

45. In episode 170 I reused the Party noise maker by soundstack, as well as Kid Chorus "Birthday Party Clown" by benjaminharveydesign. I also included a "crash" sound effect taken from the pilot episode of the TV show Nowhere Man (found here, effect used within Fair Use) and also a teleporter sound effect from Star Trek: The Next Generation, with the effect gotten from (also used within Fair Use).

46. In episode 173 I changed the Retirement Village backing audio to include Spring Birds Loop with Low-Cut (New Jersey) by hargissssound.

47. In episode 174 I sampled a clip from All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled (used within fair use).

48. In episode 183 I used a drumroll to announce the winner of our drawing, and it was taken from drumroll.wav by adriann.

49. In episodes 189-192 we have a new giveaway stinger, and it uses thunderclap.wav by BrN!

50. Episode 193 has an alternate Dragon's Hoard music, the rights of which can be found here!

51. Episode 198 used audio of a roller coaster at the end, taken from roller coaster.aif by Bruce Burbank.

52. Episode 202 uses a cowbell sound, taken from Cowbell by GowlerMusic.

53. In episode 206, we used a number of arcade game sounds, including short clips from from Punch-Out!!!, Berzerk, and Street Fighter 2 (all within Fair Use), as well as Arcade Ambience '92 from The Arcade Ambience project.

54. In episode 207, we used mystery T19d by Setuniman as a "mystery sound".

So thanks to everyone who created these sounds!

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