A Running List of Questions Asked

Episode 1

1. What was your first gaming experience? (How did you get into D&D?)
2. What is the ideal number of players in a group?
3. How to manage combat efficiently and successfully?
4. Miniatures, yay or nay?
5. Miniature hacks - how to make/use cost effective miniatures if you don't feel like dishing out $$$ on plastic figurines?
6. Table rules. Which ones are common, and how to encourage them?
7. How best to tweak a monster stat block to represent more of a challenge without compromising the original flavor of the monster?
8. How do you say no to players? Whether it's with character concepts, homebrewing, or anything else
9. What is your favorite gaming snack?

Episode 2

10. Is it okay to create new abilities/features for monsters that players cannot counter?
11. How to deal with Rules Lawyers?
12. Modules or not? Advantages of running a prewritten story vs making your own?
13. At what point do house rules become excessive?
14. How to get new players to RP more?
15. Should the GM keep a tight rein on the setting, or should the GM allow the players some room to add details?
16. Should a GM alter the setting heavily to make it more palatable to players who have issues with some, or even many, elements?
17. Should a GM enforce racism against drow in-setting if a player is honestly wanting to play a heroic drow?
18. How old do you have to be to role play in table top? Explain.

Episode 3

19. What's your opinion on marketplaces within a session? For me they seem to drag on for a bit and my players don't seem to be too excited for them. I try to spice things up with very highenergy shop keeps and sellers, but ultimately, my players just wait for their turns to buy then leave. Do you have any suggestions for purchasing using gold or just making the process less painful?
20. What are your qualifications for a usable adventure module?
21. When do you introduce dragons?

Episode 4

22. In the 5E era do you find alignments a hold over that should be eventually moved past?
23. All about backstories: Realistic backstory given starting level, flaws, quirks, connections to other people/places, story hooks, etc
24. Should i try to solve the Martial vs. Magic balance problem with houserules, or try to integrate every character with different tasks so they dont feel useless?
25. What are the pros and cons to homebrew campaigns, classes, races, backgrounds, etc.?
26. What is your preferred Supers system?

Episode 5

27. Should players receive experience points when they find a way to trivialize an encounter?
28. What do you feel has been the single greatest innovation to D&D in the last few years?
29. How should players/DMs come up with why their characters are on an adventure?

Episode 6

30. What tips and tricks do you have for DMing a one-on-one campaign?
31. As players reach higher levels, how do you balance combat while keeping it interesting, but not too deadly?
32. Which do you think is better, a campaign with a single overarching quest or a campaign that is more like an anthology of different quests?
33. What non-D&D fantasy games do you enjoy?

Episode 7

34. How to deal with a problem player? What are some ideas for resolving issues, and/or expelling them from the campaign while not severing friendships.?
35. Have you ever tried integrating monsters, items, etc from games, movies, or TV?
36. How do you handle the imbalance when one player loves roleplaying and hamming it up and the other does not?
37. How to spread spotlight across every player instead of having one strong player personality dominate it?
38. How to make your story more open-worldy/sandboxy, and how to avoid railroading your campaign?

Episode 8

39. How do you deal with travel?
40. Is it okay to permanently maim a player character on a critical fumble?
41. How do you handle player character death in your games?
42. Do you prefer levels vs more point/experience based character advancement?

Episode 9

43. How do you roleplay low charisma?
44. Lately, it has been difficult for me to set aside time for face to face campaigns. What are your thoughts on play by post campaigns?
45. How should I gauge if a fight is too difficult for my group?
46. What do you think of parties having pets/companions?
47. Do you feel 5E mechanics would work in a Modern setting?

Episode 10

48. Who was your best DM, and what is one thing that blew your mind?
49. When is it okay to split the party?
50. What do you do when one or more of your players can't make it to a session, and you still want to have a meaningful game?

Episode 11

51. Should I screw over the party if it's something my character would do?
52. Are there any Rules As Written that you really don't like?
53. How would I go about enacting a secret plan between myself and the DM?

Episode 12

54. How can a GMPC be pulled off well?
55. What the best way to introduce new players into an already existing game? Also how many players is too many? I currently have seven players and it seems to slowly be growing.

Episode 13

56. Would you as a DM ever use a timer to force a player to act quickly in combat? (Rather than letting them fumble to figure out what to do on their turn?)
57. Have you experimented with reskinning classes and class features to emulate new or un-updated material?
58. How do you avoid being the problem player?

Episode 14

59. Are there any 5th Edition rules that don't exist that you think should exist?
60. How far should I take an (in-character) grudge?
61. How do you maintain a specific tone (serious, comedic, etc) in your games?
62. For games with variable players (like PFS or other public forum games), should they strive to be suitable for all ages, or have a contingency for when younger players do participate?

Episode 15

63. What are some tips for designing custom magic items for my players?
64. Do you think a certain alignment lends itself to a certain personality?

Episode 16

65. Have you ever used a map for a dungeon that was intentionally drawn to be a maze or labyrinth? How did you go about making it, or did you use a pre-made one?
66. Do you think the 5e wizards familiar in conjunction with the help action is too powerful particularly with an owl?
67. How do you handle character death? What's your philosophy? Have you ever killed a character and had their player quit playing because of that?

Episode 17

68. Would you ever switch editions during a campaign?
69. You've mentioned playing in groups where the DMs and players switched off. How did you make that work with the in-game adventuring party? How did you manage the story for when the character's player suddenly became the DM? Any tips for doing a campaign like this?
70. As a new DM I'm having issues with knowing when and how I should give players magic items in-game. Also, should I just say "You have a flying broom, write that in your inventory" or should I make flash cards with all of the info with them?

Episode 18

71. Who was the worst player/GM you've ever had?

Episode 19

72. I'm looking to DM my first game using a 5e starter campaign. It gives 5 pre-made characters, are these usually worthwhile, or should I just let people make their own?
73. How important is session 0 for a campaign?
74. What are some of your favorite movie or video game plots that you've "stolen" and made your own in a home brew campaign?

Episode 20

75. What is your favorite magic item?
76. What is your favorite monster?
77. What is your favorite class?
78. What is your favorite character you played?
79. What is your favorite character you never got to play?
80. What is your favorite kind of quest/adventure?
81. What kind of BBEG is your favorite?
82. What is your favorite quote said at the gaming table?

Episode 21

83. When you plan a session, what the things you always make sure to prepare, and what things do you plan on improvising? Do you have a "golden list of things" you always make sure you know before the session starts?
84. How do you make a dynamic combat encounter?
85. How should I speed up the pace of play? For that matter, should I even try to speed it up? Would that have a negative impact of the players and the campaign?

Episode 22

86. When do you give a character a bonus for a cool idea or action that is not covered in the book?
87. How do I deal with players who appear to only want to win?
88. What is your opinion on Evil campaigns?

Episode 23

89. Is there an ideal balance for party composition in 5th edition?
90. How do I figure out what sort of character works for me?
91. What is your opinion on DMs who request payment for their services?

Episode 24

92. How do you feel about how 5e handles feats? I haven't had a chance to read through all the options available. Do you think their benefits outweigh that of ability score improvements?
93. Illusions - how do they work, and when are they useful?

Episode 25

94. Should the DM fudge dice rolls, and if so, when is it appropriate?
95. How do you address a DM who you feel has ruined an encounter by not so discreetly fudging rolls?
96. Are there any elements of D&D that you don't think fit into the setting?
97. What are your thoughts on the DM tracking hit points and not relaying numbers to the players, but instead relying on vivid descriptions?

Episode 26

98. What is the best way to go about finding or starting a game?
99. Are there any methods you can recommend to make rolling for initiative simpler? Also have you ever had a DM or been a DM who keeps forgetting a player's turn frequently and is there a trick to correcting this habit?
100. As a DM, how does one break out of the habit of just using the same type of monster over and over?
101. How do you plan out your campaigns? What do you think is the best way to plan out a campaign?
102. What are some ways to get players to develop their characters more? Should I let players be as two dimensional as they like if they are having fun?

Episode 27

103. As the DM is it my responsibility to make sure characters are playing to the best of their ability or should I let the other party members sort that out? Should I run combat encounters in a more forgiving manner or play on the side of realism?
104. As a player, how do you discourage another player from hogging the spotlight constantly but do so with tact?
105. When creating a puzzle or riddle for the players, should I always have a backup ready in case they can't solve the puzzle or should I offer hints until they do?
106. What do you feel about campaigns having plot twists that make the game longer?

Episode 28

107. What are some ways to show players that alignment is not a concrete thing and to stop hastily making assumptions when they see a monster?
108. What are some tools or resources you use to help run a game?

Episode 29

109. Have you used any rituals or exorcism style encounters and have any tips or know of any good resources for ideas on how to design them?
110. How can a DM effectively deal with monsters with multiple abilities/skills?
111. What are some general tips for running a combat encounter to make the best and most interesting use of a monster's abilities?
112. What is the best indicator that I should be running more episodic adventures rather than a long linked campaign? You have talked before about the risks between doing one or the other, but are there any signs I should be looking for?
113. Have you ever done a campaign just so you could use an idea you had?

Episode 30

114. What do you think of just playing with a group of strangers on something like Roll20?
115. What are some good ways of turning a massive amount of wealth a character acquired into worth while plot hooks? In other words, how can they use that money to drive the story?
116. How do you integrate your characters back stories and personal goals into pre-written material? And does running pre-written material for a whole campaign put a strain on you creatively?

Episode 31

117. How/where do you find inspiration for creating content? How should I borrow from other sources without being accused of simply stealing stuff?

Episode 32

118. Which do you prefer and/or think is better, a more grounded campaign that mostly sticks to one location like a city or a campaign where the party is traveling to different places a lot?
119. Awarding inspiration- when should I do that? Help me inspire others!

Episode 34

120. Called shots in 5e, should I include them, and, if so, how should they work?
121. Why do you think so many gaming groups have issues with showing up on time?

Episode 35

122. How do you go about creating a pantheon?

Episode 36

123. What are some tips on running a battle the players are meant to lose or cannot win for story purposes?
124. DM screens. What's your opinion on them? Also, when should the DM roll out in the open and when/how should you keep certain rolls secret?
125. Rolling Stats vs. Point Buy. Or, how do you make the most of playing a low-stat character, especially when another player has higher stats?

Episode 37

126. What's your opinion on and how would you handle having a war going on in your campaign?
127. How do you go about dealing with chases in your campaign?  Do you use the rules on page 252 of the 5e DMG, or do you homebrew it, improv it, or maybe even use a skill challenge? Maybe you use a little bit of each?

Episode 38

128. How should I go about ending a long campaign?
129. What is the area of effect for spells like Heat Metal?

Episode 39

130. How do you make diseases and curses interesting in your games? How do you balance making the party fear the effects of a curse or disease without making the effects too debilitating?
131. Which tone do you prefer in campaigns, a more serious tone or a light hearted one?

Episode 41

132. Have you ever played a table top rpg at a convention? If so what was your experience?
133. Improvisation- how should I get better at it? What is your perspective on "Yes, and"?
134. What type of RPG genre/setting/milieu has never been done (or rarely done, or perhaps rather poorly executed) that you would like to see?
135. How do you make Possession in combat interesting for the player possessed?

Episode 42

136. What do you think about a Horror themed campaign and do you have any tips for running one?

Episode 43

137. How do you handle critical rolls? What are some other good ideas?
138. Does the elven racial Trance ability allow them to get the benefits of an eight-hour Long Rest in only four hours? Why or why not?

Episode 44

139. What is your take on Narrative focused games (FATE, Cortex) vs Genre Simulation (5E, Runequest, Eclipse Phase), vs hybrid models (13th Age, Dungeon World).
140. What sort of exercises or methods do you use for city building?
141. How long should you stick with a group before accepting that your playstyles don't mesh?

Episode 45

142. How much combat is too much?
143. As the DM, is it a good idea to sit the players down and have a discussion of the campaign so far?
144. If a spellcaster enters an anti-magic area, is there any indication of that fact or is it only when they try to cast magic do they know they are in a field?

Episode 46

145. What is a good way to have your table set up play environment-wise? Whiteboards, gridded battlemats, dungeon tiles, constructed miniscapes- all seem to have their advantages and disadvantages. Which do you guys prefer?
146. What factors should be considered when thinking about becoming a DM?

Episode 47

147. When does an NPC become a DMPC? And how hard should you work to stop an NPC from being integrated into the party?
148. What is your favourite campaign or table specific house rule? It doesn't have to be one that you always bring to the table, but perhaps one that really worked thematically with a certain campaign.

Episode 48

149. My battle fields are either very boring or too big. Can you recommend ways to or rules of thumb on making my combat encounter maps better? How many squares, terrain, distance, hazards, etc. make for good encounters?
150. What are some tips for running/making the final boss for a campaign?

Episode 49

151. Pros and cons of various Star Wars systems? (WEG, d20, SAGA, whatever it is now if you like)

Episode 50

152. What's your favorite magic item?
153. What is your favorite class to play, and why?
154. Aside from D&D, what tabletop roleplaying games have you played?
155. What gaming podcasts, if any, do you listen to?
156. What do you consider the best alignment, and why?
157. Does your group keep track of things like food/water, carrying capacity, and cost of living? How do you feel about it?
158. Have you (or has your DM) ever twisted a Wish spell against the player? What was the Wish, and how did you twist it? Also, why did you twist it?
159. What mythological creature would you like to see in a tabletop game?
160. PCs meeting/fighting gods. Yea or nay?
161. What is your LEAST favorite magic item?
162. What movie would you like to see made into an RPG? Conversely, what RPG would you like to see made into a movie?
163. What is your ideal group size?
164. What is your favorite D&D-themed video game, and why?
165. If you could play the tabletop game of your choice with anyone, living or dead, what would you play and who would you play with?
166. How long are your play sessions? Is that ideal, or would you rather they be longer or shorter?
167. Seating and snacks. What makes for a good, comfortable gaming environment?
168. What is a character class or archetype that you never play? And why do you never play it?

Episode 51

169. When creating a high-magic campaign setting, how do I make the player characters feel more "magical" without unbalancing the game?
170. Do you think 5E lends itself to a no (or very low) magic campaign? And if so, how would you do it? Would you just flavor the magic as something else? Or would you just keep the magic out of it?

Episode 52

171. With the huge amount of systems, settings, and styles of Tabletop RPGs out there right now, why is D&D still the most known, go-to system? Does it come down to marketing dollars? Or is D&D just THAT good?
172. How do you feel about the "nerdy" stereotype that D&D brings with it?

Episode 53

173. Non-core books. Which ones do you use? Which do you hate? How much does it change the game as more books keep coming out?

Episode 54

174. Do you have advice on how players can set up ambushes?
175. Do you ever find it hard to catch a player up that joins late into a campaign? Also any suggestions on merging the new character into the party?

Episode 55

176. Where should I draw the line between Rule of Cool and Rules As Written?

Episode 56

177. I have a player who is incredibly busy all the time. Is it wrong to just play without him?
178. How can a GM keep up their health? Have you ever run a game when you were sick or exhausted?
179. How to deal with a DM who plays favorites?

Episode 57

180. Is necromancy evil?
181. Is mercy killing something a good character would do?

Episode 58

182. When there are no defined rules for a situation the 5e rulebook, is it ok to insert 3.5 rules if they make sense in the context?
183. How does Surprise work in 5th Edition? How is this different from how it worked in 4th Edition?
184. What do you think of the spells Counterspell and Banishment in 5e?
185. What kind of changes would you think we would see in a 6th edition?

Episode 59

186. What are the best alternatives to hit points?
187. Could you enjoy a game with no conflict?
188. What makes a compelling story for D&D or any tabletop roleplaying game?

Episode 60

189. How much do you reference the books when building NPCs?
190. There's a player in my group that wants to create a lot of his own abilities. I think it might be getting out of hand. When comes the point that you say "enough is enough" and tell him to stick to the books?

Episode 61

191. How can I ask my DM to make our game more dangerous without putting the target on my own back?
192. How do I survive a harsh campaign without running from the fun?

Episode 62

193. How can I convince players to go where I need them to?
194. How do I know if my D&D group is worth sticking with?

Episode 63

195. Where does one draw the line when deciding whether making something from scratch is worth the extra time and difficulty compared to buying it ready-made?
196. With things like competitive barbecue, food porn, and so on- they set up unrealistic expectations that encourage wasting food in favor of appearance and competition. Where’s the balance between loving food and respecting food?
197. Are hot dogs a sandwich?
198. Is there any dish you'd refuse to cook if asked?

Episode 64

199. How to role play a female character?
200. How can a DM modify an older module to 5th edition?

Episode 65

201. In your opinion, what is the GM's job and why?
202. What, in your opinion, is the single most important quality for a GM?
203. Do you have any advice on how to plan a murder mystery adventure? Also, should I let the players know if they arrest or kill the wrong person?

Episode 66

204. How can I make travel more interesting?
205. My players want to perform a ritual to summon an avatar of their deity. What components (arcane reagents, incantations, blood sacrifices, etc.) should this ritual require?
206. Should I feel bad for having to cancel on a group?

Episode 67

207. How do you deal with adversarial DMing? How can you identify it, and how can it be avoided?
208. I currently DM a game, where we had our first character death and the player in question has now created a character, who purposely will clash with the parties paladin. How would you handle this?
209. What should I do when the DM pits two player characters against each other?

Episode 68

210. I have a friend I'd like to introduce to D&D but they're hanging onto the negative stereotypes from the 80's. How can I get them to look past the stereotypes and see that it's not bad?
211. How you feel about the massive damage rule? Do you think it's worth incorporating into the game?

Episode 69

212. How do you approach world building? Do you have a set process?
213. How to run a game for a small group of players?

Episode 70

214. How can I clue my players into things happening behind the scenes (unrest and racism in the land, etc.) without outright telling them?
215. In 5e, can a paladin using an attack with divine smite that brings a creature's hit points to zero declare it as non-lethal?
216. What is a one shot? Do they have to have a satisfying ending? Are one shots good or bad for the game?

Episode 71

217. What sort of campaign notes do you usually keep while playing? And how can you turn those notes into a story (as you said you've done in the past)?
218. What do you guys think of taking a historical place and time and making it an RPG setting? How would you do it? What place and time would you use?
219. Let's talk about mindflayers.

Episode 72

220. How do you help someone gather the courage to DM if they are intimidated by the time and effort?
221. How much do you involve your computer as a DM or even a player?
222. Dice!...  How many do you have?  Can you have too many?  Are you "Dice Superstitious?"  For example... Do you let other players roll yours?  Have you played with know anyone who won't. Have you ever "retired" a die for a session because it kept rolling bad, or roll your dice in a "lucky" die tray or tower only? And finally, do you ever roll, or let your players roll,  the to hit die and damage die at the same time?

Episode 73

223. What's your opinion of using music and/or soundboards during a game? Have you ever done so or experienced it during a session?
224. How can I convince people to roll their dice faster?
225. As a player or as a DM, how to encourage a player to be more creative in their descriptions?

Episode 74

226. How can I encourage new players to avoid metagaming?

Episode 75

227. How do you remember everyone's character names?
228. Do you have a character that you play in every campaign?
229. Do you feel that beast races are appropriate for a party? Orcs, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Bugbears, and Yaun-Ti are all good, but what about a doppelganger, or a frost giant, a centaur, or maybe even a displacer beast? How far can one go if they want to play a monstrous race?

Episode 76

230. Am I the only one who hates hearing people's D&D stories?
231. What are your favorite physical props you've used?

Episode 77

232. Is realism more important than fun?
233. What is your ideal starting level for a campaign?
234. How to make a player's property investments interesting?

Episode 78

235. What makes you want to leave a gaming group?
236. How can I deal with jealousy between players?
237. How do you make the perfect boss fight?

Episode 79

238. What should a DM do when a player has outrageous goals for their character, beyond the scope of the campaign?

Episode 80

239. How lethal do you like combat?
240. I want to run a campaign where the players are all from different worlds/settings. What is the best plot device for bringing them together?

Episode 81

241. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Co-DMing a campaign?
242. How can I get better at creating and using character voices?
243. Do you think the market still has room and desire for Anime genre emulation or inspiration (see the 90s' Anime game boom) or have we moved past that?

Episode 82

244. What are your thoughts on dreams in D&D?

Episode 83

245. How does grappling work? How did it work in other editions?

Episode 84

246. What was your best result from a Natural 20?
247. How can I balance a game session when half of my players want to smash and kill things and the other half want to explore and roleplay?
248. What are your biggest "Dos" and "Don'ts" for a new DM?

Episode 85

249. What are some tips on running a campaign based entirely around exploration?

Episode 86

250. What are some tips on running a campaign based entirely around exploration?
251. How overpowered would it be to give players a magic item that allows more than one Concentration spell at a time?
252. What do you think of the optional Sanity and Honor ability scores in the Dungeon Master's Guide?

Episode 87

253. What are some tips you can give for adapting a movie into a roleplaying game?

Episode 88

254. As a DM, have you ever walked away from the table as the party makes an attack plan?
255. What are you thoughts/methods for determining NPC reactions and decisions?
256. What would you do in a TPK-Minus-One situation (where all but one party member dies, and for whatever reason they cannot resurrect the rest of the party)?

Episode 89

257. What are your thoughts on playing a blind character?

Episode 90

258. What's your opinion on passing notes during the game? (Also, what was the best note you passed?)
259. Can you suggest any ways other than defeating all the enemies to make combat encounters more diverse? Rescuing a hostage, escaping a trap, keeping a rope bridge intact, stuff like that. What were some of your favorite encounters where the goal was not just total destruction?
260. Do you think that someone with Unarmored Defense (such as a Monk or Barbarian) should retain that AC bonus even when unable to defend themselves, such as when they are grappled or knocked prone?

Episode 91

261. How obvious should it be when a player fails a roll?

Episode 92

262. If you wanted to run a horror-themed module for a young audience, what steps would you take and/or things you would change to make it age-appropriate?
263. What's the scariest dnd monster?
264. What's the best Halloween monster?
265. What's the most scariest setting?
266. Can you have an actual scary table top role playing game?
267. How do you set the tone for a Halloween-themed session? What sort of props, lighting, and other sensory effects might you use? How all-out would you be willing to go?

Episode 93

268. What have your players done that made you proud to GM?
269. How much say should my players have over the campaign?

Episode 94

270. What was the worst instance of you creating an encounter that you thought would be fairly doable, but completely annihilated the party?
271. In your opinion, what 5e class makes the best archer?

Episode 95

272. As a fellow player, how should I deal with other powergamers?
273. When do you involve NPCs in combat?

Episode 96

274. The current system in D&D 5e for crafting is absurd. What does a DM do to make crafting a much more viable option?

Episode 97

275. What are your thoughts on Passive checks in 5e (like Passive Perception)?

Episode 98

276. Do you think people overly penalize (or reward) players for using Charisma-based skills?
277. Have you ever played in or ran a game for young children (i.e., 3-8 years old)? What tips can you give for running such a game?
278. Have any of you ran a game for a group of people with difficulty really paying attention?

Episode 99

279. Most encounters have the players acting separately, but all monsters act on the same initiative. Is this a disadvantage to the players, and should the DM accomodate for that?
280. How do you balance your encounters?

Episode **100**!!!

281. Have you tried D&D style emulation with different systems? (ie. Dungeon World, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy.)
282. If you were looking to emulate a darker low fantasy game what system would you use?
283. Have you ever experimented with genre mashups? Supers/Fantasy, SciFi/Teen Drama, etc?
284. One of my players is a 5e Swashbuckler, and I want to let her dual-wield guns so I'm considering fudging the rules a bit- but I'm afraid it might be too powerful and overshadow the rest of her abilities. What should I do?
285. How can you improve your GM skills to the point where you can change even simple, cliched concepts into engaging plot hooks?
286. Can a way of the four elements monk stun and or knock prone a construct or an elemental (specifically a lightning based elemental)?
287. What RPG would you use for a game based on Halo?

Episode 101

288. How do you mentally prep for an upcoming session?
289. The other party members are arguing over whether to open a door. The DM looks ready to kill someone if they don't just make a decision and do it. I could just go ahead and open it myself, but if I do, I'll probably get attacked by whatever's on the other side. What should I do?
290. How do you introduce information about a fresh world to PCs or even players for the first time?

Episode 102

291. How would you deal with superheroes in a fantasy setting?
292. What is the easiest way to reach out in a big city to find a group for a new campaign?

Episode 103

293. Should you leave feedback when leaving a gaming group?
294. How can I make my PCs feel the danger of being overwhelmed by an onslaught of foes without feeling like an accountant for managing so many enemies at the same time?

Episode 104

295. What is the "five room dungeon" and how do you use it?

Episode 105

296. How can I steer my PCs into making characters based on historical or mythological characters while still giving them free will to make the character they want?
297. How many NPCs is too many?

Episode 106

298. What is a way players can have magic and still feel that it is mysterious and dangerous to use?
299. Where do you stand on "role" playing vs "roll playing", and what is the balance you think is best?
300. What do you do when the party latches onto a small, unimportant detail and spends the rest of the session assuming it was meant to be important?

Episode 107

301. What should player characters do with free time?
302. I have some friends that are interested in sitting in on a gaming session as watchers. What are some things I can do to make their experience as enjoyable as possible?

Episode 108

303. Can an RPG pull off a self-defeating villain (i.e., Jafar from Aladdin or Belloq from Indiana Jones), without being too disappointing for the players?
304. How do you pull off a supernaturally-recurring villain, where the players can't kill the villain until they complete a series of tasks? Can you set up the villain's defeat as a satisfying mystery or would it just boil down to a bunch of skill checks?

Episode 109

305. How do you explain your passion for D&D to the people who you are closest to, who just don’t get it? My family just cannot wrap their heads around why I spend so much time engaged with imaginary characters and places.
306. Have you ever considered a fanfic D&D game (set in an existing universe like the Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones)? Would you use D&D or would you rather use a system specific to that world?
307. Which is nerdier, LARPing or D&D? Why?

Episode 110

308. How would you go about putting a mole into the party?
309. A spell or effect makes your PC act a certain way. You don't like this so you don't play it. Are you a bad roleplayer or is fun the most important rule?
310. Am I a bad player if I don't want my character to die permanently?

Episode 111

311. My current campaign is wrapping up soon and I’m trying to decide whether I want to use a homebrew adventure path or an official WotC campaign. What are the pros and cons of each?
312. Do you prefer rolling loot on the random loot tables or planning out in advance what loot the players will find?
313. How would you go about playing at level 0?

Episode 112

314. In your opinion, what is the GM's job and why?
315. When do you introduce dragons?
316. What do you think of parties having pets/companions?
317. When is it okay to split the party?
318. In 5e, can a paladin using an attack with divine smite that brings a creature's hit points to zero declare it as non-lethal?
319. Why do you think so many gaming groups have issues with showing up on time?
320. How should I go about ending a long campaign?
321. How do you feel about the "nerdy" stereotype that D&D brings with it?
322. I have a player who is incredibly busy all the time. Is it wrong to just play without him?
323. Could you enjoy a game with no conflict?
324. How do I know if my D&D group is worth sticking with?
325. How to role play a female character?
326. How can I make travel more interesting?
327. What do you guys think of taking a historical place and time and making it an RPG setting? How would you do it? What place and time would you use?
328. Am I the only one who hates hearing people's D&D stories?

Episode 113

329. How do you handle burn out?

Episode 114

330. How do you feel about 'table talk' during combat?
331. How do I get a player to vary up their tactics in combat?
332. Do you think you should be able to Ready actions outside of combat?

Episode 115

333. What should I do if a player wants to multiclass Paladin and Warlock? Would their god be okay with the character having a patron, and vice-versa?
334.We recently had a character death in our campaign. Although that player has made a new character, another player is upset by the death and is now insisting that the party should go on a quest to resurrect the fallen PC, even if it derails the campaign. What should I do?

Episode 116

335. How would you prepare for a battle royale session (between players)? What classes do you think would be most viable for one and why, and what have been your experiences, if any, with battle royale game sessions? Were they positive? Why or why not?
336. What are some apps or resources you can recommend to keep track of campaign notes?
337. What are some things that have changed about your DM or play style as you got older?
338. In your opinion, what is the role of the Bard?

Episode 117

339. Favorite monster type (like aberration or undead or monstrous humanoids) other than Dragons as a player? As a DM?
340. Small races, like Gnomes, are unable to use longbows and heavy crossbows. This is a distinct disadvantage. Do their racial features balance out this disadvantage? Would it unbalance the game to allow them to use those weapons?
341. How do you create your own monsters, while keeping them balanced and fun?

Episode 118

342. Have you ever crafted your own terrain for battles and did you find the players appreciated it?
343. How do you describe an environment in a way that makes the players feel like there's adventure in every direction?

Episode 119

344. How do you make a mystery or surprise that can't just be overcome by a single spell?
345. Do you like the box text in adventures?
346. Which style of d4 is better, number on the base or number on the top?

Episode 120

347. How do you recover from a bad story?

Episode 121

348. Have you, or any players you’ve had, made choices that led to their background feature becoming nullified? (Such as a folk hero being shunned by their village, a criminal turning their back on the thieves' guild, etc.)
349. What are your thoughts on RPG gamebooks as literature? Have you ever read an adventure module or supplement book with no intention of playing it?
350. Do your characters have cameos in subsequent games?

Episode 122

351. What is your favorite range of levels to play? What is your favorite range of levels to dm?
352. What do you think is the best way to roll for stats? (If you had to roll)
353. Do you like to use a DM screen? What sort of information do you add to it to keep readily available?

Episode 123

354. How do you make camp interesting?
355. How do I create stories of fiction (like myths and legends) within a game?
356. What would a D&D party made up entirely of bards be like?

Episode 124

357. What do you think about a character offering out of character opinions about what the party should do, when that opinion is contrary to what their character would want to do?

Episode 125

358. Hey Gabe and Jeff. What you think about digital tools like D&D Beyond or Hero Lab?

Episode 126

359. What would you say are the pros and cons of playing over the internet?
360. How should you handle it when a key player is going to be absent for an extended length of time?
361. How would you as an experinced DM/Player help new players, who by nature are really quiet, to roleplay more? I know that they want to, they are just very quiet.

Episode 127

362. Could someone play an atheist character in a D&D setting like the Forgotten Realms?

Episode 128

363. Do you know anyone who has taken improv classes to improve their DMing? If so, was it worth it?
364. What are some unwritten customs that you have had in your gaming groups?
365. What is your favorite race to play as (from any D&D/Pathfinder edition) and why?

Episode 129

366. What is the perfect DnD session length? When taking breaks during a session, how long/frequent should they be?
367. A player wants to use an ability in a way that it clearly was not intended (or possibly directly contrary to the rules). Aside from simply saying, "No," what is the best way to handle this?

Episode 130

368. A player character in my campaign just consumed a demon's heart. What do you think should happen to the character?
369. Can/Should wild shape forms be allowed to wear armor?

Episode 131

370. How do I make gathering information fun? I don’t want it to be a repetitive string of npcs that they have to persuade (or threaten). What else can PCs use to obtain information?
371. What should you do when a PC retires mid-campaign? How best to incorporate a new character into an existing party plot-wise?
372. Is it ok to kill a PC for the story? For example one player stays behind to ensure safety for the rest of the party.

Episode 132

373. What is your greatest strength and weakness as a player? What about your greatest strength and weakness as a DM?
374. If you were to make yourself as a D&D character, what race/class/etc. would you be?

Episode 133

375. Of the three core D&D books (Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual) which do you find the most interesting, and why?

Episode 134

376. What are some good monsters that make interesting plot hooks around which an entire one-shot or side quest can revolve?
377. What are some good magic items that make interesting plot hooks around which an entire one-shot or side quest can revolve?
378. What are some good spells that make interesting plot hooks around which an entire one-shot or side quest can revolve?

Episode 135

379. What are some things you think makes an encounter really memorable and special?
380. When is it appropriate to split the party? And how do you like to handle that as a DM? How do you handle players who are resistant to it from a meta standpoint?

Episode 136

381. How do you think a typical fantasy RPG campaign would go if the PCs' ages were capped at 12 years old (or the non-human equivalent)?

Episode 137

382. How I am supposed to play a lawful good character in a party full of characters with either nefarious intentions or a lack of conviction?
383. How do you feel about magic items that grow as the players do, and how would you implement such a mechanic?

Episode 138

384. Opportunity attacks. What effect do you think they have on combat in D&D, and would you consider removing them?
385. How do you feel about makeshift equipment?

Episode 139

386. How do you go about making one or more players a "chosen one" in your story without making the other players feel less important?
387. I was wondering if you had any experience with visions, divination etc. Either as DM or player. What makes them fun or interesting instead of the DM giving too much or too little info away?

Episode 140

388. How would you feel about eliminating racial ability score bonuses and instead letting players have increased stats based on other criteria?

Episode 141

389. How do I create spells that don’t overshadow the ones that exist?
390. What should you do when a player asks for an item that is way beyond their level?

Episode 142

391. How would you recreate some of the great horror icons in D&D?

Episode 143

392. I'm interested in becoming a DM. Any tips?
393. Do you fudge dice as a DM?

Episode 144

394. What's some advice you can give for when your significant other is part of your gaming group?
395. How do you define a campaign?

Episode 145

396. When should a DM give randomized loot over loot tailored to the party?
397. How would you deal with a character goal of having a personal demi plane?

Episode 146

398. What are some telltale signs you are in a rut as a DM?
399. Gabe & Jeff, at my last game, I was "That Guy". I managed to piss off the entire party and the Dungeon Master. What can I do moving forward to make things right, and, hopefully, make this sort of thing never happen again?
400. How do you deal with DM doubts after a group completely falls out?

Episode 147

401. What do you do when a new sourcebook comes out and players want to tweak or change their existing characters?

Episode 148

402. How do you feel about Wild Magic zones? Should a Wild Magic zone affect divine casters, or just arcane casters? Can you think of other kinds of "Wild" zones that could have different effects?

Episode 149

403. What books/supplements should I buy if I want to get into 4e? Also, what are the strengths and weakness of 4e compared to other games or editions?
404. Have you ever used Lego for D&D? And what are you thoughts on it?
405. What mechanics would you want in a new RPG?

Episode 150

406. Have you ever played a campaign that incorporated a "Metaverse?" (For example, the characters are in the Forgotten Realms, but Forgotten Realms are themselves part of a comic book, which has its own story and characters etc.)
407. Would you play any of the character options from the Ravnica book in any other published DnD setting; and if so, which setting would be best suited for Ravnica-themed characters?
408. How common is it for a DM to reduce time doing other hobbies, not because they are preparing for a session, but because they fear the opportunity cost of not devoting that time to prepare for a session?
409. What do you guys do to inspire yourselves to make a campaigns story interesting and fun?
410. Do you have any special routines that you do to "warm up" before a session, such as playing a short board game with the group or listening to music in the car to get into character?

Episode 151

411. I'm thinking of getting into D&D 5th Edition. What do I need to know?

Episode 152

412. How would you recommend leveling within a prewritten module?
413. What do you do after the DM provides the scenario and environmental description and then there is an extended silence?

Episode 153

414. How do you handle enemy aggro/choosing targets in combat? I don't like the idea of rolling or choosing randomly, but what about assigning values based on actions in combat?
415. How do you feel about the weapon list in 5th Edition D&D? Do you think the weapons should be more distinct, or that there should be more of them?

Episode 154

416. Do you like to prepare a back up character for a campaign?
417. My group is having a difficult time adjudicating how invisibility works. It is only a 2nd level spell but is mostly treated like god-mode and effectively makes the invisible character untargetable. Any thoughts on how to clear this up?

Episode 155

418. Have you ever made a character off a background and than used the class as just a mechanic?
419. How do you think is best to portray races in table top games that either have significantly longer or shorter lifespans than our own as humans?

Episode 156

420. How often do you play a character that is a different gender than your own? When you do, what are some hurdles you face when getting into character?
421. How do you run a combat with lots of NPCs involved?

Episode 157

422. How would you go about trying to make a believable economy in a fantasy game world?

Episode 158

423. Do you think DM's should be allowed to assign class levels to existing monster stat blocks?
424. How do I engage a player in my campaign who is interested in crafting potions and poisons?

Episode 159

425. How much backstory would you say is too much?

Episode 160

426. How do you handle it when players get details wrong?

Episode 161

427. As a DM, can you give some suggestions on how to create scenarios that use those underused skill checks? I'm looking at you Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Performance and Religion.

Episode 162

428. How do you interpret the various saving throws in D&D? Physical ones are easy to understand, but how do you describe a mental saving throw like Intelligence or Charisma?
429. Any advice on how to best Roleplay a Kenku?

Episode 163

430. Am I the jerk for being upset my boyfriend flirted with an NPC?
431. A game run by a new DM at my local game store quickly became inappropriate for young audiences. What is the best way to address this without alienating good people?
432. Our DM never kills his players, even in situations where they rightfully should have died. Our party is at a point in the campaign where we feel there will be no consequences for our actions. Is there a good way to address this issue?

Episode 164

433. Can anybody explain levelling up to me?
434. What are some tips you have for designing puzzles?

Episode 165

435. Realistically, would a 30' tall giant who fell on his butt obliterate his tailbone?
436. Is it possible (or should it be possible) to fight with a greatsword in each hand?
437. Should a missed attack ever hit a party member?

Episode 166

438. Have you ever used time travel in a game? If so, how, and if not, how would you go about it?

Episode 167

439. Keeping a full campaign going is hard. What's the best way to find 5 or 6 people who are going to show up consistently for that many sessions? Does it depend on the quality of the game or is it entirely based on the people?
440. Is there a D&D equivalent of a Summoner from the Final Fantasy games?

Episode 168

441. How would you handle fights against colossal creatures? Sure every adventurer dreams of slaying a dragon, but is hacking at the ankles really the best way to kill Smaug and his ilk? What would you offer a party fighting a truly larger-than-life foe?
442. What are your thoughts on a single DnD session having two people DM at the same time, especially if one is new?
443. What are some tips to managing large DnD groups? Keeping everyone involved, making their story important etc.

Episode 169

444. If you could make Detect Magic better, how would you change it?

Episode 170

445. Can contradictory characters (that go against established norms for race/class/personality combinations) be fun?
446. What are your thoughts on how ranged combat works in D&D and other fantasy games? For example, bows always use Dexterity and melee weapons are usually Strength. Could the system be more realistic without making it less fun?

Episode 171

447. Is it weird for a much older person to play D&D with a group of much younger players (or vice versa)?

Episode 172

448. What is the difference between a Cleric, a Paladin, and a Warlock?

Episode 173

449. In 5th Edition D&D, is it possible to multiclass into the same class, but different archetype? If not, should it be possible?

Episode 174

450. Why do we still have both ability scores AND bonuses?
451. Do you think that having too many rare player races makes everyone's race more bland?
452. How do you rationalize PCs carrying around weapons that would be way too big and cumbersome?

Episode 175

453. How do you like to roll Advantage or Disadvantage?
454. Do you think virtual tabletops like Roll20 encourage railroading?
455. I just played my first D&D game and everyone in the group was smelly, slovenly, rude, and overweight. Is this common or did I just have a rough first time?

Episode 176

456. What's Planescape all about? Has anyone converted Planescape to 5e?

Episode 177

457. Do merchants in your game charge the PCs tax?
458. Can you play as a vampire in D&D?
459. Roles within a party. What are your thoughts? Should ever party have a dedicated tank and healer?

Episode 178

460. Do you have any experience converting D&D to be a GM-less game?
461. In a world where magic exists that lets you Speak with Animals, is eating animals or using them for labor morally justifiable?
462. How do you explain the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom?

Episode 179

463. How would you deal with a player who's character is completely out of tone/theme of the campaign/world and insists that you add bits of their story to the world?
464. Is there a "wrong" way to play D&D?

Episode 180

465. If you could bring back the 5 ft Step, would you?
466. How do you rebuild momentum and excitement in your game when there's a big gap between sessions?
467. Have you ever called a Session Zero after starting a campaign to reassess and realign the group’s style of play or expectations?

Episode 181

468. Say you've got a grand campaign story with twists and turns involving a particular player character. Now, imagine that player leaves the game or the group disbands. Do you tell them what you had planned?
469. Let's say somebody calls you up and asks you to DM a game for them. With no additional information about the group, what sources do you allow?

Episode 182

470. Let's say a player builds a very effective character that is designed around spamming one ability or spell. What should the DM do? Allow it? Counter it? Or outright ban it?

Episode 183

471. Which is more powerful, having proficiency in something or having advantage on a skill/save?
472. Have any of you used the DMG’s Scroll Mishap table or anything similar?

Episode 184

473. How has Covid-19 affected your gaming habits, and when things are back to "normal", what will your future gaming be like?
474. I am finishing one campaign and starting another. Several players have come to me and requested that I not invite back one player in particular. What should I do?
475. How do you recommend making seasons and weather more important in a game, beyond just difficult terrain and disadvantage on checks?

Episode 185

476. When you think of D&D, what exactly do you think of? A specific edition? Pre-written adventures? TSR? WotC? All of the above? Or something else?

Episode 186

477. What are your thoughts on the "Matt Mercer effect"? Is it real? If so, is it a problem?

Episode 187

478. What are some tips for running a game where the PCs are students in a magic school?

Episode 188

479. If you were to incorporate your skills as a DM/GM or cooperative style player on your resume/CV, how would you do it?
480. How does the Periapt of Wound Closure work with environmental conditions such as drowning, dehydration or starvation?

Episode 189

481. How do you know what level is appropriate for certain magic items?
482. How do you integrate player backstories into a preplanned plot like a module? Is is necessary to do so?

Episode 190

483. Have you ever played a world building game such as Dawn of Worlds or Microscope and used the result for DnD (or other ttrpgs) afterwards? If yes: how did it go? If no: would you consider doing so for a future campaign?

Episode 191

484. What should I do if I don't like the changes WotC is making to races and alignment?

Episode 192

485. What are the different genres of horror and how do I incorporate them into your games?
486. Not all players like horror. Is it possible to run (or play in) a horror game while still catering to a dislike for horror?

Episode 193

487. When teaching D&D to someone with no gaming experience whatsoever, should one prepare sample characters beforehand?
488. Should spells like Comprehend Languages and Identify always work, even when dealing with ancient or alien languages and magic?

Episode 194

489. If you heal a wound with magic, does it leave a scar?
490. Is it right to guilt your players for their choices?
491. A player wants to scrap their current character and play a new one. Do you kill them off? If so, how do you go about it? If not, how do you reconcile this in the story?

Episode 195

492. Let's say you have to make a character for a good party, a neutral party, and an evil party. What are your go-to characters for each?
493. Do you feel that a "full campaign" has to take you to the upper levels?
494. Do you remember any gaming stores that closed down over the years, that you really miss?

Episode 196

495. Would you ever consider giving a character an allergy to magic (either mechanical or purely for flavor)?
496. How important is it to litter your campaign with subtle clues to the major plot?

Episode 197

497. What single classes can make an entire 5 person party?

Episode 198

498. What are some items from video games you'd like to see in D&D, and what changes would you need to implement to make them work?

Episode 199

499. Where do you draw the line on homebrew rules? For example, I played in a group where modifiers didn't exist. How much can you change the rules of D&D before it's not D&D anymore?

Episode 200

500. Are the games you’re good at running different from what you enjoy or the games you assumed you would be good at running?
501. What is your favorite board game?
502. What historical figure would (in your opinion) be a great Dungeon Master?
503. Is there any secret formula to getting accepted into a game on roll20 or finding a good online group?
504. What were times in your campaigns that you were able to make and/or experience a good balance of light-hearted fun and serious tension? 
505. What are some alternatives for when the host of your game cancels but the players and DM still want to play?

Episode 201

506. What would you like to see for official d&d content for 2021?
507. Oftentimes in modules, baddies will be described as having useful consumables as treasure items. As a DM, is it good, bad, or acceptable to use these consumables and not leave them as loot for the PCs?

Episode 202

508. Is it cheating to look at another player's character sheet?
509. How often do you make a character just for roleplaying, versus just for mechanics?

Episode 203

510. How do you feel about mechanical requirements for multiclassing?
511. How do you motivate players who have no interest in loot, money or "simple" magic items that just give them bonuses (like a +1 sword, etc)?

Episode 204

512. What is your favorite story moment from D&D as a DM and as a player?
513. What is your worst story moment from D&D as a DM and as a player?

Episode 205

514. Apart from D&D, what other games/genres/systems do you guys have experience with?
515. Is asking another party member's hit points meta gaming?
516. Should a DM ever punish players for meta gaming, or is it their job to punish players at all?

Episode 206

517. What do you do when a player writes an epic backstory for a 1st-level character?

Episode 207

518. Do you think you can make a castle using the Mending spell to put the bricks of stone together instead of mortar?
519. Total Party Kills. What do you do when one occurs during an adventure module? Do you re-start the module as is, do you re-skin it as something else, or do you just call it a loss?

Episode 208

520. Would an asexual character be affected by a succubus?
521. When reading a module for the first time, do you read all the way through or skip around?
522. How do you drop hints as to the lore/plot of a campaign in the form of long-established myths and legends in the world without making it immediately obvious that those legends are true, and without overworking yourself to make tons of legends, some of which are true and some of which are not?
523. What are some ideas for how to portray nature as "evil", or at least as an antagonistic force, without it being corrupted?

Episode 209

524. As a DM, are you disappointed if the players don’t attempt or complete the side quests or find all the treasure possible?
525. What changes would you make to best adapt a prewritten adventure for a party of three PCs?

Episode 210

526. Do potions have a "shelf life"? If a potion has "gone off" after hundreds of years, what are some changes that might occur and how would the Identify spell react?
527. If you could live the rest of your days as a living spell (like exists in Eberron) what spell would you choose to be?

Episode 211

528. What is the difference between magic and psionics?

Episode 212

529. What tips/tricks/suggestions y'all have for making the most out of Roll20 (or other online platforms) for your players?
530. DnD Beyond- is it worth it?
531. Any tips on adapting a setting or world such as one from Magic: The Gathering to D&D? How do you make sure you fully flesh out the world in both mechanics and lore for D&D while making sure you stay true to the original iteration?

Episode 213

532. When you roll damage for a spell, do you roll multiple dice or do you roll one and multiply it?
533. If I polymorph someone into a cow, milk the cow, then they turn back to normal... what happens to the milk?

Episode 214

534. How would you go about creating a subclass?

Episode 215

535. Why do you think so many people play campaigns where magic is illegal or in some way limited?
536. How would you make a game of D&D more gritty and realistic while still having fun, and make it seem like the players are more like real-world heroes and less like demigods?
537. Do you have any tips on making a more mobile combat?

Episode 216

538. Are trolls "magical creatures"? Why or why not?

Episode 217

539. What do you think of the new Sidekick rules in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything?

Episode 218

540. One of my players wants to play a changeling. They seem way too powerful! Am I missing something?
541. How do you feel about changing weapon stats and mechanics from the ones in the book?

Episode 219

542. How would you integrate a PC with a disability into your game without just eliminating that disability? (And not just blindness, but missing limbs, using a wheelchair, etc.)
543. Have you ever roleplayed a mentally challenged person? Should that even be attempted? If so, what are your tips and suggestions for doing so respectfully?

Episode 220

544. What class/subclass is best for making a classic witch?
545. Can the Message Cantrip communicate with a deaf person?

Episode 221

546. How would you feel if someone played the same character in multiple campaigns?
547. Would it be a bad idea to lie to my players about the type of campaign I plan on running, in favor of a big twist?

Episode 222

548. You're creating a homebrew campaign. Where do you start the process and what follows after?
549. How do you best balance homebrew mechanics? For that matter, what are your opinions on homebrew in general?
550. How do you determine CRs for homebrewed monsters?
551. What are your tips on creating homebrew classes/races/backgrounds/etc.?

Episode 223

552. How did you get into tabletop gaming?
553. What are your thoughts on foam swordfighting?

Episode 224

554. What types of characters do you tend to play, and to what extent do you tend to play an idealized version of yourself?

Episode 225

555. The firebolt spell says it can target creatures and objects.  Do you let your players use other spells that don't specifically target objects to target them or no? I can understand a vicious mockery not breaking down a door but maybe a acid splash could.
556. If you cast "Wall of Stone" is the wall made of stone or magic?

Episode 226

557. What do you think about players sidelining the story entirely and going off on something completely unrelated? As a DM, should I try to engage them in the story still? Should I create a new story? Or should I just let them do their thing?
558. Am I a jerk for canceling a session since players didn't read the rules?

Episode 227

559. What are the spells that never really get used either by players or DMs? Why is that, and have you ever found new uses for them?
560. What are great spells for NPCs to have?

Episode 228

561. What changes would you make to best adapt a prewritten adventure for a party of three PCs?
562. What are some creative ways you have dealt with missing roles in a party?
563. What do you do when your character isn't built to be a leader but nobody else at the table takes the initiative?

Episode 229

564. Breaking the fourth wall in an RPG. Whaaat? Is it possible? Would it work? How would you do it????
565. How much would you pay to have a Professional Gamer at your table?

Episode 230

566. Have you ever taken part in a game where real-world foreign languages were a part of the setting?
567. Should sign language be usable for verbal components when casting spells?

Episode 231

568. Have you ever bought or considered buying a "special edition" of any source book, or do you feel that they generally aren't worth the additional cost?
569. Choice Paralysis. How do you get a set of players stuck on sorting out what to do to actually move some part of the ideas forward to actually play the game?
570. Do you prefer Active or Passive defense in combat?

Episode 232

571. Would allowing more magic item attunements be broken?
572. When a spell or effect compels a player to do something, should the DM tell them what they do (separate from the player's agency) or should they be free to interpret it as their character?
573. What makes a good trap to you? What's the best trap you've sprung on your players/had sprung on you?

Episode 233

574. Have you ever encountered a deity in a game? As a presumably mortal GM, how do you go about depicting divine wisdom?
575. Plot armor for your players. Yay or nay?

Episode 234

576. Of all of the official 5e modules, which stick out to you as best for adventurers of each level bracket (1-5, 6-11, 12+)?
577. When is it OK to wrangle in new players who enjoy playing but are very chaotic in their play-style (wanting to fight every peasant who looks at them wrong, or has very little forethought/compassion for others outside of the party)?
578. Charisma: Should the player's words matter or should you treat the stat like all the others?

Episode 235

579. Guns in fantasy. Yay or nay?
580. Why should a DM bother to entertain a rules lawyer?

Episode 236

581. Imagine a D&D fighting game. What sort of characters should be on the roster?
582. Can you use Wish to respec your character (such as changing your class or race)?

Episode 237

583. I sent out too many invitations and now I have nine players. Any tips?
584. Desert Island question: You can take one DnD book. Which do you take?
585. Why do people usually roll new characters when they die (instead of trying to revive the old one)?

Episode 238

586. Do you think it would be possible to run a D&D campaign with no or very little combat? How would you do this?
587. Why do you think people choose to play D&D, rather than a different game with a more (or less) restrictive ruleset?
588. Are "dungeons" obsolete or no longer used in your game sessions? Why or why not?

Episode 239

589. How much do you think you've spent on minis and battlemat decor?
590. What is the best/worst exploit you've seen used/attempted in a game?

Episode 240

591. What monsters make the best Big Bad Evil Guy?
592. What is your favorite villain trope and how often do you use them?
593. What mechanics would you borrow from other game systems, why, and how do you keep/make them balanced?

Episode 241

594. How do you make a spooky horror adventure?

Episode 242

595. What methods would you recommend to let someone survive in a Bag of Holding for as long as possible?
596. When a PC dies, what level do you give to the new PC?
597. What is the strangest mount you've ever had?
598. How young is too young for a player character?

Episode 243

599. How does a person become a god?
600. I'm going to be fighting a god soon, what's some advice you can give?

Episode 244

601. What should I do when my players would rather be store owners than adventurers?
602. Imagine an NPC pays the party to make them famous by staging a battle or giving them credit for some heroic act. How would you do this throughout a campaign?

Episode 245

603. If you wanted to run a campaign based on an earlier edition, but the character options (races, classes, etc.) hadn't been updated to the current edition, how would you proceed?
604. How do you feel about starting session 1 in media res rather than a "starting point" like a tavern?
605. One of my players had a class feature that completely ruined my adventure. Was I in the wrong to house rule that ability away?

Episode 246

606. When recording an Actual Play podcast, what are the best recording software options?
607. What are tips and hacks for short-cutting or expediting the post recording editing process?
608. How do you prevent or reduce side conversations that are fun at a normal game but would distract and annoy a podcast audience?
609. Similarly, how do you strike a balance of getting to know the players and keeping the focus of the pod on the characters?
610. Do you give PCs plot armor in an actual play? What are some reasons for or against?

Episode 247

611. What kind of things have people done to adapt 5E for kids?
612. What do you think of role playing a world or game sessions without the racism that seems cooked into the very crust of D&D?

Episode 248

613. Why do Sorcerers use Charisma as their spellcasting stat?
614. What is your favorite utility spell?

Episode 249

615. What are some types of problem players you may encounter in a game, and how should you deal with them?

Episode 250

616. What is a good way to bring up the subject if you think the DM is kneecapping certain skills, such as by setting DCs too high?
617. I'm making music playlists for my DnD game. What playlist themes (combat music, tavern music, etc.) would I need to cover all of the various states of play?
618. Have you ever played/encountered someone else playing an alternate character in a campaign? Did it enhance the gameplay in expected/unexpected ways, or hurt the gameplay in expected/unexpected ways? Or both?
619. What are your top tips for a new DM?
620. What is the most fun way a PC has died in a game you have been in?
621. What are your opinions on Gith?
622. What do you do when one player seems to be directly antagonizing another player in-game?
623. How can I play a narrow-minded, self-centered character in a party without ruining everyone else's experience?
624. What is the best way to learn how to optimize a character in D&D?
625. What minor rule in your games do you keep forgetting? 
626. If you could make a useless cantrip, what would it do?

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