Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Episode 28- Tell me, have you ever been saved by an Orc?

Hey, everyone!

Episode 28 of Inter-Party Conflict is here. In this episode we discuss alignments and how to go against them, as well as lots of resources for helping with your game. I also want to take a brief moment to direct you all to our buddies over at Crit Academy- they're a great podcast I think you would all benefit from listening to.

I haven't got a ton else to say at the moment, but thank you all for listening and telling your friends about the show. We've had some record-breaking numbers over the last couple weeks, and it's all because of you! So keep up the good work.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. This episode marks the introduction of a new segment, the Funeral Pyre. If you have any interesting stories about player character deaths, send them to us (along with any questions or magic items) to InterPartyConflict@gmail.com and we may use them on future episodes! Try to keep Funeral Pyre stories short if you can, but we can always trim them down if need be.

So thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 28 - Saved By an Orc

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Questions answered this episode:

1. What are some ways to show players that alignment is not a concrete thing and to stop hastily making assumptions when they see a monster?

2. What are some tools or resources you use to help run a game?


Noteworthy links:

Ed Wood, the movie my wife refused to watch for the longest time

The Adventure Zone

Minority Report

Road to Oblivion, the adventure I mentioned with the village of friendly monsters

Tools to help run a game:

Kobold.club 5e encounter builder

D&D Beyond

Heromachine, a resource for creating pictures of characters (I recommend the online version of Heromachine 2, but feel free to explore)

WotC Dice Roller

Donjon- I'd heard of this but never used it, and it kept coming up while searching for resources. This site has generators for just about everything- names, cities, taverns, entire adventures, for multiple different editions of the game, too. Definitely a great resource.


The image board I mentioned- be warned, this link is NOT safe for work, and I strongly recommend using an adblocker.

Reddit's Imaginary Image network- I've found a link that combines all of the /r/Imaginary subreddits (ImaginaryCharacters, ImaginaryLandscapes, ImaginaryMonsters, etc.). Great for inspiration and portraits.

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