Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The podcast has begun!

Welcome, all! My name is Gabe, one of the hosts of Inter-Party Conflict, an advice podcast for the tabletop gamer. It's our mission to answer your questions to help you have the best gaming experience possible!

Here's how it works: You send your gaming questions to my co-host Jeff and me, and we answer them on the air. Want some tips on making a character backstory? Want to know how to deal with a problem player? Or maybe you just want to hear about the worst DM we've ever had? Any question you have is fair game. So come on and listen to Inter-Party Conflict!

Click the link below to listen:

Episode 1: Introductions


Questions answered in this episode:

1. What was your first tabletop gaming experience?/How did you first get into Dungeons & Dragons?

2. What is the ideal number of players in a group?

3. How to manage combat efficiently and successfully?

4. Miniatures, yay or nay?/Miniature hacks - how to make/use cost effective miniatures if you don't feel like dishing out $$$ on plastic figurines?

5. Table rules. Which ones are common, and how to encourage them?

6. How best to tweak a monster stat block to represent more of a challenge without compromising the original flavor of the monster?

7. How do you say no to players? Whether it's with character concepts, homebrewing, or anything else

8. What is your favorite gaming snack?


Noteworthy links:

The miniature creation website mentioned in the episode is, as we said, Hero Forge. Check them out!

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