Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Here comes episode 2!

So, a few things I learned this past week:

1. I don't know how to use Twitter.

2. Jeff's audio setup is way better than my own.

3. I absolutely love our intro/outro music.

The second episode is up, and although it's a bit shorter (53 minutes vs. 70) this one is a bit closer to what I wanted originally. (I had only planned for each episode to be around 45-50 minutes, but the first kind of got away from me.) I need to come up with a better way to wrap up the questions (we didn't have any goofy/short questions like the favorite food one from the first episode) but I think the overall sound quality of this one is way better than the last.

Anyway, give it a listen!


Questions answered this episode:

1. Is it okay to create new abilities/features for monsters that players cannot counter?

2. How to deal with Rules Lawyers?

3. Modules or not? Advantages of running a pre-written story vs making your own?

4. At what point do house rules become excessive?

5. How to get new players to RP more?

6. Should the GM keep a tight rein on the setting, or should the GM allow the players some room to add details?

7. Should a GM alter the setting heavily to make it more palatable to players who have issues with some, or even many, elements?

8. Should a GM enforce racism against drow in-setting if a player is honestly wanting to play a heroic drow?

9. How old do you have to be to role play in table top? Explain.


Noteworthy links:
For anyone curious, the intro/outro music is "Inspiration" by Boxcat Games, from Nameless the Hackers RPG. Check them out!

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