Tuesday, December 29, 2020


TWO HUNDRED EPISODES! That's way too many episodes. But here we are, and we wouldn't have made it this far without all of you listeners out there. So along with this episode comes a big THANK YOU to everyone who's kept up with us for the last four years. You're all awesome!

As we've done the last couple years, this episode is a big grab-bag of questions we've been hanging onto for a while without great answers for them. But don't worry, we'll get some fun discussion out of them nonetheless.

And this week's winner of our giveaway for Crit Academy's Unearthed Tips & Tricks: Volume II is Fingers Fate! Congratulations, Fingers Fate! Be sure to leave Crit Academy a review, so they can keep on making great products! They're a great group and would love to use your feedback to improve their products in the future.

Would YOU like a chance to win a copy of Unearthed Tips & Tricks Volume II? It's a great book (that I helped write!) and all you have to do to win is enter our drawing by sending us an e-mail with "Unearthed Tips & Tricks 2" in the subject line. (Gotta have that 2 in there though!) It's that easy!

And remember, Crit Academy is just one of the great podcasts in the Critnation Fellowship! For more podcasts, visit our friends at Brute Force and Ignorance, and the (unfortunately ended) D&D Character Lab! And for books, adventures, and videos, check out Goblin StoneLoresmythAurican's LairJeff Stevens, and The Kind GM!

Thanks for listening to another year of podcasts, and here's to another year!

Episode 200: Another Year Down

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Question(s) answered this episode:

1. Are the games you’re good at running different from what you enjoy or the games you assumed you would be good at running?

2. What is your favorite board game?

3. What historical figure would (in your opinion) be a great Dungeon Master?

4. Is there any secret formula to getting accepted into a game on roll20 or finding a good online group?

5. What were times in your campaigns that you were able to make and/or experience a good balance of light-hearted fun and serious tension? 

6. What are some alternatives for when the host of your game cancels but the players and DM still want to play?


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The People's Trivia Company, a thrice-weekly online trivia game that you should go check out!

Mouse Guard, a comic series that was later adapted into a tabletop RPG

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