Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Episode 41- The Raciest Episode Yet (Though That's Not Saying Much)

Welcome back, listeners! This week we have two amazing guests with us- Grant and Chris from Hearty Dice Friends! This episode has a little bit of blue humor (just a tad, you've been warned) and a whole lot of laughs on both sides of the table. Not only is this by far the most fun we've had making an episode, but it also probably has the most cut content out of all of our episodes (since before editing the session was over an hour and a half). In any case, this is a GREAT episode, and you should absolutely listen to it!

So many thanks to Chris and Grant. If you want to support them, they've got their own Patreon, as well as lots of games they've designed that you can purchase as well. Or, heck, just listen to their podcast and tell a friend! If you like us then I'm pretty sure you'll like them too. If you want to contact them you can do so through Rowan, Rook, and Decard.

Also let me remind you all to check out Crit Academy- they're always out there, making custom content for players and DMs alike. And, I think Justin just announced a new member of the Critnation Fellowship, so expect a blog post about that soon!

And as always, go to Audibletrial.com/Conflict to get yourself a free 30-day trial and a free audiobook!


Episode 41: Inter-Podcast Conflict

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Questions answered this episode:

1. Have you ever played a table top rpg at a convention? If so what was your experience?

2. Improvisation- how should I get better at it? What is your perspective on "Yes, and"?

3. What type of RPG genre/setting/milieu has never been done (or rarely done, or perhaps rather poorly executed) that you would like to see?

4. How do you make Possession in combat interesting for the player possessed?


Games made by Grant Howitt and/or Chris Taylor mentioned in this episode:

Havoc Brigade

The Witch is Dead

Honey Heist


And, here's a page with a ton of games Grant has made.

Other noteworthy links:

Apparently I was a little inaccurate about Peter Pan killing the lost boys- here's a Reddit discussion about it.

The Film Reroll, a podcast that plays through movies in GURPS

Muffed Movies' Star Wars episode IV: A New Hope

Vash the Stampede, main protagonist of the anime Trigun

Project: Dark, a kickstarted RPG based on stealth

M*A*S*H, an army-based sitcom set during the Korean War starring Alan Alda


This week's Audible Pick:

True Ghost Stories: Real Demonic Possessions and Exorcisms by Zachery Knowles

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