Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Episode 38 something or other

Welcome back, listeners!

This was a fun episode to record and I think we got a good amount of discussion about the questions; and, take my word for it, but there was a ton of stuff I cut out too (mainly Jeff and I talking about movie spoilers). But we stayed on topic for most of the episode and I hope you have a great time listening to it.

Remember to check out our Critnation Fellowship brothers, Crit Academy! As of this writing I finally got a chance to watch one of their livestreams (a benefit of being one of their patrons on Patreon) and it was a lot of fun. And also, hop on over to AudibleTrial.com/Conflict for a free month and a free audiobook!

Episode 38 - Daelkyr and Dragonzords

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Questions answered this episode:

1. How should I go about ending a long campaign?

2. What is the area of effect for spells like Heat Metal?


Noteworthy links:

The Cabin in the Woods, one of my favorite movies of all time

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, another amazing horror movie

The Worst Idea of All Time, a podcast where the hosts watch the same bad movie every week and continually review it

52-sided dice

The Power Rangers movie, and Teenagers With Attitude- a Power Rangers rewatch podcast

Daelkyr, horrifying abominations from Eberron

Tortles, a new 5e turtle race

Home Alone's traps

Little Monsters (the movie, not the Lady Gaga fans)

Wikipedia's entry on "Gorgons"


This week's Audible Pick:

It by Stephen King

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