Sunday, January 9, 2022

After the Podcast is the After-Party Conflict

Five years. 

Five years! That's a long time! 

Five years ago we had a silly idea: to make a podcast where we turned tabletop RPG questions into advice, mainly as a platform for us to reminisce and rant about our past experiences. Never would I have believed we would be doing it this long, but here we are. As we close this chapter of our lives (though leaving the book open for more in the future) come join us as we look back at the five years, 250 episodes, and countless questions and items and guests and listeners and everything that made this silly little show what it was. 

Thank you to Jeffrey DaRos, thank you to everyone who supported us, and thank you to everyone for listening and putting up with my nonsense. It's definitely very sad to be ending this, but it's even more awesome to have started it in the first place.

After-Party Conflict

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The wonderful guests we've met along the way:

Justin, Ian, and Brandon from Crit Academy

Amabel Holland of Hollandspiele

Grant and Chris, the Hearty Dice Friends

Damian the DM and Caitlin from Adventures in Erylia

Gary Butterfield and Will Hughes of the network

Garin and Dan from DnD Character Lab

Luke Hart of the DM Lair

Jon and Angela from The Cantrip

Jessica of Incoming Game: A ReBoot ReWatch podcast

Paulo Quiros, host of The Film Reroll

Our good friend Noah Wizard (whom you can also hear on Nowhere Men: The Nowhere Man Project)

Jeff Eckman and Ryan Kasmiski from No One Can Know About This

Dan West and Jake Harmon of Brute Force & Ignorance

Adal Rifai from Hello from the Magic Tavern and Hey Riddle Riddle

Jessy and Sean of DMs of Vancouver

Fionn Miller on Youtube (coming soon!)

Nathan/Seawood Scribe, creator on DMs Guild

And many, many others.

Thank you everyone, and have a great day!

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