Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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Hey, listeners!

This week we've got some fun stuff for you. We've started something very exciting that I'm happy to announce- every week from here on out, we're giving a random listener a free copy of Goblin Stone's adventure, The Chapel on the Cliffs! To be entered into the drawing, all you have to do is send us an email- at InterPartyConflict@gmail.com- and put "Chapel on the Cliffs" into the subject line. That's it! We'll be picking one person at random every episode. It's that easy!

This week, our episode is about adding new books to a campaign, and the risks and rewards that come with. If you're lucky, you might even get a small rant from Gabe too (which people seem to like for some reason). If you like our show and you want more content from us, head over to Patreon.com/interpartyconflict and see if any of the rewards appeal to you! Even a dollar a month gets you a bit of extra content, so check it out!

As always, check out the other podcasts on the Critnation Fellowship- Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab- and Goblin StoneLoresmyth, and Aurican's Lair for great adventures.

Have a great week!

Episode 53: Splatbooks & Power Creep

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Question answered this episode:

1. Non-core books. Which ones do you use? Which do you hate? How much does it change the game as more books keep coming out?


Noteworthy Links:

D&D Shadow over Mystara

The Carnival Games video Gabe mentioned

Cheers, a 1980's American Sitcom that took place in a bar

A Complete List of 3rd Edition D&D Sourcebooks

Origin of the word "Splatbook"

Osteomancer and Cerebrex, two Prestige Classes Jeff mentioned

A Practical Guide to Dragons, a great book from WotC that has all of the lore and artwork of D&D dragons but none of the mechanics


4th Edition D&D Essentials

Healing Spirit

Illegal Danish: Super Snacks - A video Jeff mentioned in a bit that got cut from the episode

Burnt Offerings, the adventure that (I think) featured the fight with goblins in a glassworks

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