Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Audacitypocalypse is here

So, Audacity has burned me two weeks in a row and I am now actively looking for a new audio recording program. Due to technical difficulties, the audio from episode 17 is completely unusable (if you want to see what I mean, the entire thing sounds like this) and we'll have to re-record next week. I do apologize from the bottom of my heart, but because I don't want to make you all go an entire extra week without the sound of my dulcet tones in your earholes, I've instead gone ahead with a project I'd been planning on for some time: The Ballad of Garg and Moonslicer. It's a story written by Reddit user WanderingBishop about two years ago (used with his permission, of course) that I loved the moment I read it. So give it a listen if you can, and if you want it in a physical written format, there'll be a link below to an Amazon page.

So once again, I apologize for the interruption this week, but I'll be taking measures to make sure this never happens again.

Bonus Episode 1: The Ballad of Garg and Moonslicer

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If you want to listen to the episode without my usual intro and outro, then click here for an audio file of just the story:

Bonus Episode 1a: The Ballad of Garg and Moonslicer (story only)

To purchase a physical book containing The Ballad of Garg and Moonslicer (as well as other fantasy works), check out A Bard Act to Follow: Tales of Fortannis (Volume 4).

I used a few sound clips as part of this recording, so here's their pages on Freesound.org if anyone wants to find the original creators:

Thunderstorm Ambience by chrscrwfrd18

Barn Sounds by bone666138

The Sonata by ShadyDave

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