Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Episode 19 comes alive!

When we recorded this episode, I had just gotten done with one of my Library Nerd Night presentations (this one about the Metroid series). In other words, I had just gotten done speaking very fast and very intently for an hour straight. As such, I was expecting my voice to be completely shot when we started recording; in retrospect I don't think it was that bad. If you disagree, well, keep it to yourself.

In this episode, we talk mainly about starting new campaigns- whether to use pre-made characters, whether to have a "session zero"- and we also talk about using movies and games as story plots for D&D. Oh! And we cover another DMG artifact- or, a pair of artifacts, rather- the Hand and Eye of Vecna, to go along with the Sword of Kas from last week.

If you want us to discuss any questions you may have about D&D, tabletop games, starting a D&D party of four Wizards, or cutting off your own head and replacing it with the head of a dead god, please send them to InterPartyConflict@gmail.com! We're also always looking for more Dragon's Hoard submissions too, so keep those coming!

Episode 19: Opening Salvos

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Questions answered this episode:

1. I'm looking to DM my first game using a 5e starter campaign. It gives 5 pre-made characters, are these usually worthwhile, or should I just let people make their own?

2. How important is session 0 for a campaign?

3. What are some of your favorite movie or video game plots that you've "stolen" and made your own in a home brew campaign?


Noteworthy links:

Crown of Madness, a spell granted by the Eye of Vecna that I totally didn't forget to look up while recording

"I wish I had no bones!"

The Lost Room, AKA the best five consecutive hours you'll ever spend watching television

Dark Souls enemies/bosses and Dark Souls weapons made in 5e D&D

The Film Reroll, an amazing podcast where they play through popular movies as RPGs

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