Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Actual Play Podcast Special

Hello, everyone!

We decided to take the week off from recording, but instead I have a special surprise for you all: Instead of a normal episode, I've finally finished editing At the Gaming Table, the Actual Play podcast that we recorded last year, and all six episodes are available for you to listen to! We've made a lot of references to it, but now it's finally out. So thank you all for listening, and we'll see you next week when we're back to our usual shenanigans!


Inter-Party Conflict sidebar: At the Gaming Table

Episode 1: Winter's Rest

Episode 2: Hunting a Legend

Episode 3: Big ol' Teeth

Episode 4: Deals with the Devil

Episode 5: Into the Mines

Episode 6: To Be Seen


And, for links to the players:

Justin (Jormun Gundar)

Brigid (Wardin Lunatis)

Me & Jeff  (DM and Pip)

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