Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Episode 52 is here!

Hello, everyone!

Not a whole lot to report this week- we've got a fun episode that I hope you all like. We did start our Patreon last week, and it's going very well, but this episode was recorded riiiight before it went live so there isn't much in the episode about it. (Next week's episode will have us thanking all of our current patrons on-air, so if you're a patron then check that out next Tuesday.) If you'd like to check out our Patreon, head over to Patreon.com/interpartyconflict and see if the rewards appeal to you!

In this episode we talk about the origins of D&D, why it's so popular, and the stereotypes that come with it. Jeff and I also spend a little bit of time on the topic of drugs- mainly coming up with goofy slogans encouraging you to stay away from them- and while editing I realized that it may have been in poor taste. So if anyone takes offense to us goofing about such a serious topic, I do apologize. We take the safety of our listeners very seriously, and so if you or anyone you know may be struggling with drug abuse, and you're in the United States, then let me urge you to PLEASE call the SAMHSA National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357). Everyone goes through struggles in their lives but there's always people can help if yours get to be too hard for you to handle on your own.

Now, on a less somber note, be sure to check out the other members of the Critnation Fellowship- Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab for great podcasts, and LoresmythGoblin Stone, and Aurican's Lair for great gaming products.

Thanks, and stay safe, everyone!

Episode 52: Introducing D&D

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Questions answered this episode:

1. With the huge amount of systems, settings, and styles of Tabletop RPGs out there right now, why is D&D still the most known, go-to system? Does it come down to marketing dollars? Or is D&D just THAT good?

2. How do you feel about the "nerdy" stereotype that D&D brings with it?


Noteworthy Links:

UmActually.com is a real site for a podcast or something

The d100 I got for Christmas

Peewee Herman does a drug PSA

Seagulls! (Stop it now) - a video that Jeff and I joked about in a sequence that got cut from the episode

Chainmail, the game that eventually became D&D

An old episode of 60 Minutes about the "evils of D&D"

James Dallas Egbert III

Chick Tracts

Mazes & Monsters, a movie loosely based on James Dallas Egbert's story

Dexter's Laboratory- D & DD - The episode of Dexter's Lab that inspired many kids to play D&D

Stranger Things

Fantasy Football

Dark Souls: The Board Game


HarmonQuest, a live actual-play show made by Dan Harmon and starring comedians and celebrities

Roller Derby

Magic the Gathering


TED Talks

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Along with our birthday, comes a big announcement!

So, Twitter just informed me that today is our birthday. (I set the Twitter account's birthday as the day we recorded our first episode, so here we are.) So to celebrate this joyous occasion, we have a very important announcement!

Today is the day that we launched our Patreon campaign. What is a Patreon, you ask? It's a service where you can pledge to donate a small amount of money per month, and in return we can give you rewards for it. It's not mandatory, you won't receive any less content if you don't donate, but you will receive extra content if you do. If you want more information, or to find out what sort of rewards we're offering, then check our campaign out at Http://www.patreon.com/interpartyconflict. And whether you're able to donate or not, we want to thank you all for following us this long, and here's to another year! *clink*

This week's episode is all about running a high magic campaign vs. a low magic campaign. There's also some fun bits in there about regicide and the fall of the French army, but hey, let's keep it to the good times, eh?

And as usual, be sure to visit the other members of the Critnation Fellowship- Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab for great podcasts, and LoresmythGoblin Stone, and Aurican's Lair for new gaming products.

Thanks, everyone!

Episode 51: Some Kind of Magical

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Questions answered this episode:

1. When creating a high-magic campaign setting, how do I make the player characters feel more "magical" without unbalancing the game?

2. Do you think 5E lends itself to a no (or very low) magic campaign? And if so, how would you do it? Would you just flavor the magic as something else? Or would you just keep the magic out of it?


Noteworthy Links:

Dragon's Lair, a laserdisc-based arcade game from the 80's (and the game I was picturing during the Dragon's Hoard intro)

The Church of the Silver Flame, one of the leading religions in Eberron

The Weasley House from the second Harry Potter movie, a great example of normal people in a high-magic world

Elminster of Shadowdale, a high-level NPC in Faerun

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Llamas with Hats, a funny video referenced in a bit I cut from this episode

The One Ring, the magical MacGuffin in the Lord of the Rings series

Fallout, a post-apocalyptic RPG series



Dragons of Autumn Twilight, the first of the Dragonlance novels

Marvel's Thor

Only War, the RPG from which this episode's Funeral Pyre story came

Friday the 13th: the Game

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!

It's happened, everyone! We've been making this podcast for a year. A whole year! (Give or take a few days, yadda yadda.) It's crazy. Looking back at older episodes, I remember discussions we had where I honestly felt like we had a pretty good handle on podcasting and where the show was going and so on, but then I look back and that was like episode eight or something. It's crazy how far we've come!

This episode brings back an old friend- Justin from Crit Academy! He was kind enough to help us ring in the new year as we go through a handful of my own discussion questions I posted to Facebook and Twitter and Reddit in 2017. We get into some fun discussion about characters, games, gods, monsters, wishes, dead celebrities, the whole gamut. So come along for the ride!

I just want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of our listeners over the past year, and more importantly, all of the contributors who have sent in questions, items, and stories for us to discuss. We wouldn't have a podcast without all of you, so thank you so much! You all are so great and we here at the podcast appreciate each and every one of you.

So have a great year. :-)

Episode 50: New Year's Podcast

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Questions answered this episode:

1. What's your favorite magic item?

2. What is your favorite class to play, and why?

3. Aside from D&D, what tabletop roleplaying games have you played?

4. What gaming podcasts, if any, do you listen to?

5. What do you consider the best alignment, and why?

6. Does your group keep track of things like food/water, carrying capacity, and cost of living? How do you feel about it?

7. Have you (or has your DM) ever twisted a Wish spell against the player? What was the Wish, and how did you twist it? Also, why did you twist it?

8. What mythological creature would you like to see in a tabletop game?

9. PCs meeting/fighting gods. Yea or nay?

10. What is your LEAST favorite magic item?

11. What movie would you like to see made into an RPG? Conversely, what RPG would you like to see made into a movie?

12. What is your ideal group size?

13. What is your favorite D&D-themed video game, and why?

14. If you could play the tabletop game of your choice with anyone, living or dead, what would you play and who would you play with?

15. How long are your play sessions? Is that ideal, or would you rather they be longer or shorter?

16. Seating and snacks. What makes for a good, comfortable gaming environment?

17. What is a character class or archetype that you never play? And why do you never play it?


Roleplaying Games mentioned in this episode:

Mutants & Masterminds

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness

The Mountain Witch

Dogs in the Vineyard




Gamma World


13th Age

Fate Accelerated Edition

Podcasts mentioned in this episode:

Crit Academy

D&D Character Lab

Adventures in Erylia

Hearty Dice Friends

The Film Reroll

The Adventure Zone


The Short Game

Anything from the Duckfeed.tv network (Watch Out For Fireballs!Abject SufferingCheck It Out, ComradeBonfireside ChatDays of Future Cast, and Monster in My Podcast in particular)


Other noteworthy links:

Jzadirune, an abandoned gnomish city from the Shackled City adventure path

Scylla and Charybdis, an encounter from The Odyssey by Homer

Shadow of the Colossus, an open-world game where you fight exclusively gigantic boss enemies

Discworld (and the World Turtle) by Terry Pratchett

Groundhog Day, an amazing movie starring Bill Murray

Arrowhead of Total Destruction (a schematic for a weapon involving an arrow, a bag of holding, and a portable hole)

Eragon, a book series by Christopher Paolini

Monkey Island, a game series where swordfighting involves learning insults and comebacks

Neverwinter Nights, a computer game using the D&D ruleset by Bioware

Jim Varney, actor who played the unforgettable TV & movie character Ernest

Garry Kasparov, world chess champion

The Death Knight's Squire, a solo D&D adventure from Dungeon Masters Guild

Now & Later candies, my go-to candy when I was in high school

A photo of the actual fridge in my basement

Dragonball Z

Saturday, December 30, 2017

A long time ago, back in episode 49

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all out there having a wonderful winter season. The weather may be awful (here in the American Midwest) but before you know it it'll be summer again, and then before you know it again it'll be icy cold and before you know it we'll reach the inevitable heat death of the universe. In all honesty I doubt our podcast will still be going then but who knows.

Anyway, this week's episode is a topic we've been putting off for a very long time- Star Wars RPGs! Jeff and I just don't have much experience with them so we haven't had a satisfying response, but with the release of The Last Jedi in theaters we decided it was now or never. (And in case you're worried, don't be- there are absolutely zero Last Jedi spoilers in this episode! We briefly touch on some general things from The Force Awakens but we're not about to ruin anyone's cinematic experiences.)

So, since we don't know much about the various Star Wars RPGs, DJ Wright from the Dice for Brains Podcast was kind enough to write up this huge breakdown for us, which we'll be referring to extensively. So if you have a chance, check them out!

And as always, visit the other members of the Critnation Fellowship- Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab on the podcast front, and LoresmythGoblin Stone, and Aurican's Lair for new content releases. And check out AudibleTrial.com/conflict to get yourself a free audiobook, and to get us some free money!

May the force be with you!

Episode 49: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

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Question answered this episode:

1. What are the pros and cons of the various Star Wars systems? (WEG, d20, FFG)


Noteworthy Links:

Dr. Who


Ghost of Christmas Past

Mark Hammill as the Joker

Nintendo Switch

HTC Vive, a VR system

Lightsaber Video mentioned during the episode

"It's a living!"

Star Wars Galaxies, a Star Wars RPG

Damn Yankees, a musical Gabe performed in on stage

Knights of the Old Republic, a Star Wars video game based on the d20 ruleset

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Episode 48: The One Where We Answer Questions

You guys know what day it is? It's Inter-Party Conflict day, of course! (That's what it says on my calendar, anyway.)

This week we bring you another couple questions from your favorite non-Crit Academy podcast hosts. We talk about getting stuck in quicksand, getting stuck on one side of a pit, getting stuck in a morbid hellscape where life cannot survive, and getting stuck in a giant creature's electrified mouth. Plus we talk about food, aches & pains, and a whole mess of other stuff too. What's this podcast about, again?

You know the drill: check out the other members of the Critnation Fellowship- Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab on the podcast front, and LoresmythGoblin Stone, and Aurican's Lair for new content releases. And be sure to go to AudibleTrial.com/conflict to get yourself a free audiobook, and us some o' that sweet, sweet moolah!

Thanks, everyone! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Episode 48: Hyping Up the Battle

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Questions answered this episode:

1. My battle fields are either very boring or too big. Can you recommend ways to or rules of thumb on making my combat encounter maps better? How many squares, terrain, distance, hazards, etc. make for good encounters?

2. What are some tips for running/making the final boss for a campaign?


Noteworthy Links:

Supercut of the best scenes from The Room (warning: Spoilers for The Room)

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., an early-90's scifi-Western TV show starring Bruce Campbell

Bastion of Broken Souls, the adventure Gabe talked about with a dragon that devours unborn souls

Star Fox Adventures, a really bad Gamecube game

A fan theory that explains Final Fantasy IX's completely random final boss

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Back again, with another special guest!

Hey, everyone! This week we've got yet another special guest- Damian, the DM from the actual play podcast Adventures in Erylia! In this episode we have a great time talking about house rules, making death more meaningful, and how to keep an NPC from becoming the ever-dreaded DMPC (plus a bunch of other stuff I had to cut for time- stay tuned in case we ever release an outtakes episode). So give us a listen, and check out Damian's podcast too! I've been listening to it since around their first few episodes and I think it's a lot of fun.

As usual, check out the other members of the Critnation Fellowship- Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab are our fellow podcasts, and LoresmythGoblin Stone, and Aurican's Lair are content creators that you should definitely check out. And be sure to go to AudibleTrial.com/conflict to get yourself a free audiobook, and us some free money!

Thanks everyone, and I hope you all have a great week!

Episode 47: Remember, Kill Your NPCs

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Questions answered this episode:

1. When does an NPC become a DMPC? And how hard should you work to stop an NPC from being integrated into the party?

2. What is your favourite campaign or table specific house rule? It doesn't have to be one that you always bring to the table, but perhaps one that really worked thematically with a certain campaign. 


Noteworthy Links:

Adventures in Erylia, the Actual Play podcast run by Damian

Magic: the Gathering

WDHS Student Video, the video program at the high school Jeff and Gabe met at

World of Warcraft

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Twitch Plays Dark Souls

Adventures in Erylia's blog post about death in their campaign world

Erylia's Second Chance on D&D Beyond Homebrew

Healing Spirit, a seemingly-broken spell from Xanathar's Guide to Everything

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Back to our usual shenanigans- it's episode 46!

Hey, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed last week's bonus episodes in lieu of a standard one. This week, though, we're back to our usual format, and I hope this one is great too! We're coming up on out one-year anniversary, and I'm trying to come up with something special we can do for that episode. If any of you have any suggestions, or just questions for us to discuss, e-mail us at InterPartyConflict@gmail.com!

Not much else to say, so I'll just remind you to go to AudibleTrial.com/conflict to get yourself a free audiobook, and us some free money! And of course check out the other podcasts on the Critnation Fellowship- Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab- as well as the content creators LoresmythGoblin Stone, and Aurican's Lair.

Episode 46: Everyone Starts Somewhere

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Questions answered this episode:

1. What is a good way to have your table set up play environment-wise? Whiteboards, gridded battlemats, dungeon tiles, constructed miniscapes- all seem to have their advantages and disadvantages. Which do you guys prefer?

2. What factors should be considered when thinking about becoming a DM?


Noteworthy Links:

Dungeons & Dragons Clue

Deck of Many Things (I found a physical version on Amazon, but apparently it's really rare and as such it's really expensive. Just use a regular Tarot deck.)

Constantine, a movie starring Keanu Reeves and (loosely) based on a graphic novel

Vinyl Battle Mats by Chessex

Whiteboard Material from Lowes (Seriously, you could get a 4ft x 8ft rectangle of whiteboard for a measly $13, and have them cut it to whatever size you want for free.)

Warhammer 40k, a very popular tabletop war game

Maptool, a free program you can use with a screen or digital projector to project battle maps for your game

Dungeon!, a board game my brother had when I was a kid (and I bought a copy of my own a few years ago). Apparently it's gotten fairly rare and is really expensive, but WotC has made a new version that's much more affordable and is probably closer to modern D&D.

That picture of Kyuss I was talking about

Those two swords I was talking about too