Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Episode 152: New Year Edition

This week, we talk about a couple different issues- first we discuss pre-written modules (particularly when the players level up within one), and then we talk about what to do when the DM describes a scene and then the room goes silent. Haven't we all been in that situation before?

Since we just started it (we recorded this episode before the last one went out) we don't yet have a winner for our Unearthed Tips & Tricks drawing- but we will next week!

Would you like to enter the drawing? It's easy- just e-mail us at InterPartyConflict@gmail.com with "Unearthed Tips & Tricks" in the subject line! It's that easy! And remember- this is a new product, so if you won one of our earlier drawings, you can enter again!

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See you next week, with some special guests!

Episode 152: Your New Year

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Question(s) answered this episode:

1. How would you recommend leveling within a prewritten module?

2. What do you do after the DM provides the scenario and environmental description and then there is an extended silence?


Noteworthy Links:


Rollover Minutes, a remnant of a bygone era

Fantasy Grounds, a virtual tabletop for an assortment of RPGs

God of War, an amazing game that you should play

Final Fantasy VII Remake, the first chapter of a remake of an award-winning game from the late 90s

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