Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Episode 109: The Nerdiest Episode

Welcome back, everyone! We've got a fun episode for you this week- Jeff and I discuss a few topics related to fandom and nerdiness: We talk about how to explain D&D to a person who has never played D&D, how we would go about turning an existing IP into a roleplaying campaign, and ultimately, we get down to the bottom of the age-old question: Which is nerdier- LARPing or D&D?

(Also, it occurred to me while editing that we didn't take a moment to explain what LARPing is. Hopefully it's explained well enough through the context of our discussion, but for anyone here who doesn't know, LARP stands for Live Action Role Play, and it's a type of roleplaying game where you are physically acting out what your character is doing, usually out in a public place. Maybe with foam swords and/or pellets that represent spells that you throw at people.)

This week's winner of our Chapel on the Cliffs drawing is Kelly L! Congratulations, Kelly! You should get your copy within the next few days. Whenever you have a chance to read it over, be sure to leave Goblin Stone a review! They're a great company and would love to use your feedback to improve their products.

Would you like to enter the drawing? It's easy- just e-mail us at InterPartyConflict@gmail.com with "Chapel on the Cliffs" in the subject line! It's that easy! We've been running low on applicants for quite some time, so your chances of winning are very good! Like, VERY good! Seriously!

And remember, Goblin Stone is just one of the great content creators in the Critnation Fellowship! For more books and adventures, check out LoresmythAurican's Lair, and Jeff Stevens- and for more podcasts, visit our friends at Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab- as well as the new Actual Play podcast on the Critnation Fellowship, Brute Force and Ignorance!

One last thing- be sure to get yourself a copy of Crit Academy's Unearthed Tips & Tricks book! It's a great product, and I helped write it!

See ya next week, NERDS!

Episode 109: You Just Like It

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Question answered this episode:

1. How do you explain your passion for D&D to the people who you are closest to, who just don’t get it? My family just cannot wrap their heads around why I spend so much time engaged with imaginary characters and places.

2. Have you ever considered a fanfic D&D game (set in an existing universe like the Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones)? Would you use D&D or would you rather use a system specific to that world?

3. Which is nerdier, LARPing or D&D? Why?


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