Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Episode 87- Inter-Party Conflict: The Movie

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm super excited to bring this week's episode to you all. This week, we have a super-special guest- Paulo Quiros, creator and Game Master of The Film Reroll! Paulo was generous enough to lend his time to our show to tell us all about how he turns various movies- from new to old, horror to comedy, and more- into the wonderful roleplaying scenarios that you can experience with every episode of his podcast. (If it wasn't already obvious, I'm a huge fan of Paulo and The Film Reroll and I think every one of you should go and check them out right now!) So give this episode a listen, and maybe you can learn something along the way!

This week's winner of our Chapel on the Cliffs drawing is Steve A! Congratulations, Steve! You should get your copy within the next 48 hours. And be sure to let Benoit over at Goblin Stone know what you think, so they can keep on making great products!

Would you like to enter the drawing? It's easy- just e-mail us at InterPartyConflict@gmail.com with "Chapel on the Cliffs" in the subject line! There's a new winner every week, and that winner could be YOU!

And remember, Goblin Stone is just one of the great content creators in the Critnation Fellowship! For more books and adventures, check out LoresmythAurican's Lair, and Jeff Stevens- and for more podcasts, visit our friends at Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab!

That's a wrap!

Episode 87: Better Gaming Through Movies

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Question answered this episode:

1. What are some tips you can give for adapting a movie into a roleplaying game?


Noteworthy Links:

Most of the links for this episode are simply references to the various movies covered on The Film Reroll, so you should definitely go there and listen to any episodes that interest you (and then you'll want to listen to the rest)!

And if you'd like to learn more about Paulo, here are some links related to him and his current projects:

Paulo Quiros on Twitter


Slights, a short film by Tony Koros

The Russian Arts Theater and Studio, featuring a stage show called Enemies of the People: Poetry & Music Under Stalinist Regime

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