Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Episode 76: Title Needed

Hello, listeners! We're back this week with another episode. This time, we talk about a topic that might be a little bit controversial- specifically, whether Jeff and Gabe (mainly Gabe) likes listening to D&D stories, and what makes a D&D story good or worth telling. We also cover a couple other topics, including physical props at the table, opening locked doors, and sneaky ways to hear secret conversations. So come along and join the discussion!

This week's Chapel on the Cliffs drawing winner is Scott! Congratulations, Scott! Let me know if you haven't gotten your copy within a day or so (and be sure to check your spam folder!). And be sure to visit Goblin Stone's website and give them your feedback!

If anyone else would like to enter the drawing, just e-mail us at InterPartyConflict@gmail.com with "Chapel on the Cliffs" in the subject line. That's it!

And remember, Goblin Stone is just one of the great content creators in the Critnation Fellowship! For more books and adventures, check out LoresmythAurican's Lair, and Jeff Stevens- and for more podcasts, visit our friends at Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab!

Have a great week!

Episode 76: Wanna Hear a Story?

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Questions answered this episode:

1. Am I the only one who hates hearing people's D&D stories?

2. What are your favorite physical props you've used?


Noteworthy Links:

Scoville Scale, a scientific scale measuring the "heat" of spicy foods

An adorable video on Youtube that I found while googling "Bacon"

Nerzugal's Dungeon Master Toolkit 2 on DM's Guild

Stranger Things

Claws of Madness, a 5e adventure from Loresmyth

Old Man Yells at Cloud

Challenge of Champions, a series of puzzle-based adventures in Dungeon Magazine


Seven of Nine, a character from Star Trek Voyager

Planescape: Torment, an old PC game featuring a Rogue Modron as a playable party member (and voiced by Dan Castellanetta)

Dig Dug, an old Arcade game where you killed enemies by inflating and exploding them

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