Friday, February 9, 2018

Episode 55, coming at you!

Hello once again from Jeff and Gabe at Inter-Party Conflict!

This week's episode deals with a debate that's been going on for decades: Rule of Cool vs. Rules As Written. Our discussion kind of takes a roundabout way all around different facets of the issue, but there's lots of opinions on when you should stick to each, and all opinions have their merit. Hopefully this episode we're able to get our opinions across in a meaningful way.

This week is also the second week of our giveaway of Goblin Stone's great adventure module, Chapel on the Cliffs! This week's winner, Kim H, should receive an e-mail from Benoit, the writer, very soon. Congrats, Kim! If you want to join the drawing, just send us an e-mail at with "Chapel on the Cliffs" in the subject line! It's that easy!

We've also just released our first Patron-only episode, and it's about a video game series we both love- Dark Souls. If you want to listen to it, or if you just want to donate to our podcast to help us make great shows, then head over to to check out our donation tiers! As of this episode going up, we've got just a few days before we run our first Patron-sponsored D&D game over Roll20!

And as always, check out the other members of the Critnation Fellowship! Crit Academy and D&D Character Lab are making great podcasts, and Goblin StoneLoresmyth, and Aurican's Lair for making great adventures. So check them all out!

Thanks everyone, and have a great week!

Episode 55: Keeping Your Cool

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Question answered this episode:

1. Where should I draw the line between Rule of Cool and Rules As Written?


Noteworthy Links:

The Macaroni & Cheese recipe I made (Strong suggestion: Either use less blue cheese than the recipe calls for, or don't use it at all. I don't like blue cheese and it was very noticeable in every bite.)

Bob Ross, a television painter from the 80's

Adventures in Erylia, an Actual Play podcast that we mention often

Demon Stone, the D&D video game mentioned in the episode (mistakenly called Dragon Stone)

The first boss fight in Dark Souls (after the tutorial, anyway)

The Twilight Zone episode about the gambler in hell

Lavos, the final boss of Chrono Trigger

The Lich-Queen's Beloved, a high-level 3e D&D adventure we mention every now and then

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