Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Episode Eleven: Attack of the RSS Feed

So, this week and last week I've been having issues with our RSS feed. I installed an RSS tracker (since as right now, I have no way of tracking traffic on iTunes- good job not doing that yourself, Apple!) and after uploading last week's episode, a listener notified me that it wasn't showing up on some podcasting app. So I checked iTunes, I checked Stitcher, and Google Play, and it wasn't anywhere to be found. I tried getting help from Soundcloud (it was showing up on my Soundcloud account just fine, you could listen to it and download it there, but it wasn't showing up anywhere else) but they don't provide an easy way to get support and their community forums weren't any help either. In the end, I took off the tracker and re-uploaded the episode (with a different description, so I'd know if it was the original file or the new one) and the new one showed up in no time. (The original file never showed up, even after 24 hours.) This week, I re-installed the tracker, but had the same problem- though I was prepared so I was able to get it sorted out in just a couple hours. So I definitely won't be using that tracker anymore.

This episode is probably our angriest episode so far, and about half of it is me complaining. We have a Dragon's Hoard submission from Nicholas P, and it involves one of my favorite monsters in D&D, the Beholder! Remember that if you want an item of yours (or just one you really like) to be featured on the Dragon's Hoard, go ahead and throw us an e-mail at InterPartyConflict@gmail.com!

And if you can find us on iTunes/Stitcher/Google Play, leave us a review! We've got a couple so far but we can always use more. I'm going to be working on getting us onto Youtube as well, so keep an eye out if that's your thing.

Episode 11: Plays Well With Others

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Questions answered this episode:

1. Should I screw over the party if it's something my character would do?

2. Are there any Rules As Written that you really don't like?

3. How would I go about enacting a secret plan between myself and the DM?


Noteworthy links:

Hearty Dice Friends, our rival podcast 
(Also: Honey Heist, the one-page RPG where you play a Criminal Bear)

I wanted to find a link to the Ultimate Gaming Table I mentioned, but apparently the site that hosted it way back in like 2008 no longer exists. Here's the only image I could find from the original site.

Planck's Constant 

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