Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Episode Five: With a Vengeance

It's episode five of Inter-Party Conflict! In this episode we discuss attaching someone else's severed limbs, crashing airships, keeping a library in your pocket and refusing your destiny. I'm continuing to be upset with the sound quality, but I think that's just my own perfectionism being unhappy with anything that I create. Also, maybe my headset is too good. I don't know.

Today also marks our first listener-submitted Dragon's Hoard item! I have one or two others lined up for future episodes, but please, submit your own! We'd love to hear interesting items you all have created or encountered in the wild. (I may not have mentioned it yet on the podcast, but I am a huge sucker for unique magic items. They may very well be my favorite aspect of the fantasy genre.) If you'd like to submit a magic item for the Dragon's Hoard, or if you'd like to submit questions for us to discuss, please send them to!

Thanks for listening, and keep on keeping on!

Episode 5: Experience Point Innovation


Questions answered this episode:

1. Should players receive experience points when they find a way to trivialize an encounter?

2. What do you feel has been the single greatest innovation to D&D in the last few years?

3. How should players/DMs come up with why their characters are on an adventure?


Noteworthy links:

ViewScream, a roleplaying game designed to be played on Google Hangouts

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a cooperative bomb-defusal video game

The Virtual Boy, the first console capable of stereoscopic 3D graphics

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