Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Episode 8: Late, but not by much

Alright! So, episode 8 is up. There was a bit of a delay- Soundcloud was having issues and it took longer than usual to get it online. But, it's there, and you should listen to it!

In this episode, we talk about bees, honey from the stone age, cutting off limbs, critical hit decks, and why you should or shouldn't use a DM screen. We get a lot of meaningful discussion out of serious issues like character death; it's a big deal, so why not? This week's Dragon's Hoard item comes from Paizo.com's RPG Superstar contest, which is a huge wealth of custom magic items, NPCs, and so on. There'll be a link below. Maybe.

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Thanks, and happy gaming!

Edit: It's a week later and I just realized I didn't include a link to the episode. Whoopsie!

Edit again: Apparently there's been several episodes I forgot to include the link. What is wrong with me?

Episode 8: Super Critical


Questions answered this episode:

1. How do you deal with travel?

2. Is it okay to permanently maim a player character on a critical fumble?

3. How do you handle player character death in your games?

4. Do you prefer levels vs more point/experience based character advancement?


Noteworthy links:

RPG Superstar, Paizo's contest for contributors

The Tomb of Horrors, the deadly D&D module

The Black Egg, another deadly D&D module we briefly mentioned

Buy a Sega Dreamcast- pretty self-explanatory

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