Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Episode 237: More Bad News Edition

Welcome back! This week we've got another set of fun topics- what to do if you end up with too many players, what book is best to have on a desert island, and why we think players make new characters instead of reviving dead ones- even if it starts off with another bummer announcement! (You'd think the bummers would stop eventually, right? Right?) We won't let it keep us down, so come along for another fun ride!

This week's winner of Seawood Scribe's Witch class supplement is DarbonneLJ! Congratulations! You should be getting that in your email soon. Be sure to leave Seawood Scribe a review, so he can continue making great products in the future!

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Catch us next time, where we might accidentally end up with nine guests! (Not really, but what if?)

Episode 237: Out of Options

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Question(s) answered this episode:

1. I sent out too many invitations and now I have nine players. Any tips?

2. Desert Island question: You can take one DnD book. Which do you take?

3. Why do people usually roll new characters when they die (instead of trying to revive the old one)?


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