Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Episode 236: FIGHT!!!

Hot off the heels of our downer announcement last week, we've come back swinging (and kicking, and Hadoken-ing?) into another great episode. This week we talk about a theoretical D&D fighting game, using the Wish spell to rewrite your character's existence, traps that explode from caltrops, and more. Oh! And in case you thought we forgot, we didn't! We've also got the first winner of our three leather product drawings, so strap in!

The winner of the beautiful black-and-red leatherbound journal, handcrafted by the great people over at MaumeeRiverLeather.com, is....

....The Beverage Tea!

Congratulations to Mr. Beverage, but to everyone else, don't worry! We still have two more fantastic drawings, and the next one- for the amazing carved leather false book- is going to be taking place on Tuesday, October 12th. To enter the drawing, all you need to do is leave us a review on the platform of your choice, and send us a photo. Again, there's only ONE WEEK LEFT to get this journal, but plenty of time to enter the other two drawings!

And another reminder- next week we're starting our giveaway for Seawood Scribe's Witch class supplement! To enter the drawing, send us an e-mail with "Hocus Pocus" in the subject line!

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Join us next week, when surely no more bad news will befall the podcast!

Episode 236: Gaming Wishes


Question(s) answered this episode:

1. Imagine a D&D fighting game. What sort of characters should be on the roster?

2. Can you use Wish to respec your character (such as changing your class or race)?


Noteworthy Links: 


Dolomar's Force Wave, a 3rd Edition spell that we've referenced on the show many times

The Ghost, a new (and FREE!) class from Seawood Scribe

Street Fighter, a popular series of fighting games

Super Smash Bros., a fighting series based on Nintendo franchises

Marvel vs. Capcom, a fighting mashup of two popular rosters of characters

Mortal Kombat, a fighting series known for its gore and violence 

Darkstalkers, a fighting series based on classic horror monsters

C-c-c-combo Breaker

Friendquest: Tower of Doom

MUGEN, a freeware 2D fighting game with user-created content

SaltyBet, a website where you watch and bet on AI-controlled Mugen fights

Death Note, an anime about a teenager with a magical book that kills people

Arm Joe, the anime-styled fighting game based on Les Miserables


Star Trek Voyager

Curse of Strahd

The Styes, an adventure and setting from Dungeon Magazine that has been reborn in Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Brooklyn 99

Memorable Monsters, a fantastic product from Crit Academy (that I wrote an entry for!)

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