Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Episode 14: New and Improved (Hopefully)

So, I've made a new development in my eternal struggle for better sound quality: I figured out how to use a Noise Gate plugin. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of echo when I speak, which has been something that's bugging me since like episode 3. I experimented a bit with this episode, and I think I'm happy with the result, though there were one or two times where it cut off something Jeff was saying right at the end. Hopefully we can find a way to fine-tune it beyond that.

In this episode we have our first intelligent item submitted to the Dragon's Hoard! And it's a doozy. If any of you out there would like to submit homebrew items for the Dragon's Hoard, or to submit questions for our discussion, please send them to InterPartyConflict@gmail.com! We really appreciate it. We also go into a lot of tangents on this episode but there's still lots of good discussion in there too.

I want to take a quick moment to mention a website run by a good friend of mine: Hollandspiele. Its proprietors, Tom and Mary, are good friends of mine and they make board games! I recommend checking them out whenever you get a chance. They also have a short podcast where they talk about their upcoming releases (among other things) so check that out too. I'll mention them in the next episode of Inter-Party Conflict but I keep forgetting to so I'm putting this here so I don't forget again.

Anyway, enjoy the episode! Leave us a review or a rating on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Youtube, or whatever. Tell your friends about us. Do it.

Episode 14: Keep It Consistent

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Questions answered this episode:

1. Are there any 5th Edition rules that don't exist that you think should exist?

2. How far should I take an (in-character) grudge?

3. How do you maintain a specific tone (serious, comedic, etc) in your games?

4. For games with variable players (like PFS, AL, or other public forum games), should they strive to be suitable for all ages, or have a contingency for when younger players do participate?


Noteworthy links:

Order of the Stick, a great long-running webcomic you've probably heard referenced without realizing it

A great video series about running a 5e game (the particular episode I linked is about 4e and how you can use it to make your 5e game better)

Sky High, a documentary from 2005 about one kid's struggle to be accepted by his parents and his school system

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