Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Episode 216: The Lost Blog Posts part 2, ft. Trolls

Hello again everyone! No guests this week, instead we're treating you to another Gabe Rant(TM)- sort of. This one is a bit more structured than usual. And the topic: Trolls! Specifically, are trolls magical creatures? Why or why not? Prepare to learn more than you ever expected to learn about trolls, magical creatures, and magical trolls.

And the winner of this week's Crit 3 drawing is Matt V! Congratulations, Matt! Be sure to leave Crit Academy a review, so they can keep on making great products! They're a great group and would love to use your feedback to improve their products in the future.

Every week we're going to be giving away this new bundle of three new character option supplements from Crit Academy- the Warmind, the Skybreaker, and the Werecat- and all you have to do to enter is send us an e-mail with "Crit 3" in the subject line. It's that easy!

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And remember, Crit Academy is just one of the great podcasts in the Critnation Fellowship! For more podcasts, visit our friends at Brute Force and IgnoranceThe Kind GM, and the (unfortunately ended) D&D Character Lab! And for books, adventures, and videos, check out Goblin StoneLoresmythAurican's Lair, and Jeff Stevens!

See you next week, if the trolls don't get ya!

Episode 216: Gabe's Treatise on Trolls

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Question(s) answered this episode:

1. Are trolls "magical creatures"? Why or why not?


Noteworthy Links:

The Circle, a Netflix reality show that debuted last year

Willy's Wonderland, a horror movie starring Nicolas Cage most certainly based on Five Nights at Freddy's

SrGrafo, a comic that spawned various memes

Curse of the Azure Bonds, the computer game that got me into D&D

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