Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Episode 210: I Think That Potion Was Spoiled

Welcome back, listeners! We have another great episode for you- this week, we talk about the shelf life of potions (and what happens when they "go bad"), as well as what spell we would choose to be if we had to be a spell. There's a lot of fun goofs in this one, so come along for the ride!

And the final winner of our giveaway for Crit Academy's Unearthed Tips & Tricks: Volume II is Aaron R! Congratulations, Aaron! Be sure to leave Crit Academy a review, so they can keep on making great products! They're a great group and would love to use your feedback to improve their products in the future.

Starting next week, we're going to be giving away a new bundle of three new character option supplements from Crit Academy- the Warmind, the Skybreaker, and the Werecat- and all you have to do to enter is send us an e-mail with "Crit 3" in the subject line. It's that easy!

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See you next week, with a new giveaway and some mind-powered discussion!

Episode 210: Making Magic

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Question(s) answered this episode:

1. Do potions have a "shelf life"? If a potion has "gone off" after hundreds of years, what are some changes that might occur and how would the Identify spell react?

2. If you could live the rest of your days as a living spell (like exists in Eberron) what spell would you choose to be?


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