Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Episode 187: Magic School 101

Have you ever wanted to run a tabletop game set in a magic school, like Hogwarts? So have we! (Hasn't everyone?) This week we go in-depth talking about how to do that, what things to avoid, and how to make it fun. We throw out a lot of ideas in this episode, so you're sure to find something you like!

And this week's winner of our giveaway for Crit Academy's Unearthed Tips & Tricks: Volume II is Doug A! Congratulations, Doug! Be sure to leave Crit Academy a review, so they can keep on making great products! They're a great group and would love to use your feedback to improve their products in the future.

Would YOU like a chance to win a copy of Unearthed Tips & Tricks Volume II? It's a great book (that I helped write!) and all you have to do to win is enter our drawing by sending us an e-mail with "Unearthed Tips & Tricks 2" in the subject line. (Gotta have that 2 in there though!) It's that easy!

And remember, Crit Academy is just one of the great podcasts in the Critnation Fellowship! For more podcasts, visit our friends at Brute Force and Ignorance, and the (unfortunately ended) D&D Character Lab! And for books, adventures, and videos, check out Goblin StoneLoresmythAurican's LairJeff Stevens, and The Kind GM!

Catch you in class next week!

Episode 187: Educationmancy

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Question(s) answered this episode:

1. What are some tips for running a game where the PCs are students in a magic school?


Noteworthy Links:

If Shoe Fits, Wear It- I said this expression in the episode, intentionally leaving out the article "the" (If THE shoe fits, wear it"). This wasn't a mistake, I was making an incredibly obscure reference to a quote from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Tom Riddle's Diary, a magical artifact from the Harry Potter series that absorbs ink and knowledge

Percy Jackson, a young adult novel series about greek demigods in modern times

Larry Elmore (and others)

Lego castle from Discord

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