Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Episode 137: I'M ON A BOAT

Hey, everyone! I'm on a cruise at the time this episode goes out, so nyah nyah! We're still committed to getting out episodes out on time, though, so here's your regularly-scheduled podcast, on time as usual.

This week we have another impassioned discussion about alignment (particularly, butting heads between two characters of opposed alignments), as well as making magic items that grow along with the players. I think we come up with some pretty good insights in this episode, so I hope everyone else is able to listen and come up with their own conclusions. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

This week's winner of our Chapel on the Cliffs drawing is Scott T! Congratulations, Scott! You should get your copy within the next few days. Whenever you have a chance to read it over, be sure to leave Goblin Stone a review! They're a great company and would love to use your feedback to improve their products.

Would you like to enter the drawing? It's easy- just e-mail us at InterPartyConflict@gmail.com with "Chapel on the Cliffs" in the subject line! It's that easy! As always, we need more entries for this drawing, so you have very good chances of winning very soon!

And remember, Goblin Stone is just one of the great content creators in the Critnation Fellowship! For more books and adventures, check out LoresmythAurican's LairJeff Stevens, and The Kind GM- and for more podcasts, visit our friends at Crit Academy D&D Character Lab, and Brute Force and Ignorance!

One last thing- be sure to get yourself a copy of Crit Academy's Unearthed Tips & Tricks book! It's a great product, and I helped write it!

See you next time, when I'm back on dry land with all of you normies!

Episode 137: Growth & Understanding

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Question answered this episode:

1. How I am supposed to play a lawful good character in a party full of characters with either nefarious intentions or a lack of conviction?

2. How do you feel about magic items that grow as the players do, and how would you implement such a mechanic?


Noteworthy Links:

Crypt of the Necrodancer, a roguelike rhythm dungeon crawler where you navigate a dungeon and fight monsters in beat to music

Tomb Raider

Borderlands 3

Weapons of Legacy, a 3.5e D&D book about weapons that grow with the players

Path of the Brawler, a Barbarian archetype by Crit Academy


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