Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Episode 80- A World of Possibilities

Hello, everyone out there in podcast land! We've got a great episode for you this week. We cover a few great topics- killing PCs, inter-dimensional travel, armor made from trees, and a healthy dose of tangents here and there. Come give us a listen, and be sure to let us know what you think!

This week's Chapel on the Cliffs drawing winner is Payton K! Congratulations, Payton! If you have any issues contact me. And be sure to let Goblin Stone know what you think!

If anyone else would like to enter the drawing, it's super easy- just e-mail us at InterPartyConflict@gmail.com with "Chapel on the Cliffs" in the subject line. We're running low on candidates, so you have a big chance of winning!

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Thanks everyone, and have a great week!

Episode 80: Different Worlds, Different Stakes

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Questions answered this episode:

1. How lethal do you like combat?

2. I want to run a campaign where the players are all from different worlds/settings. What is the best plot device for bringing them together?


Noteworthy Links:

Path of Exile


Bloodborne Card Game

Hollow Knight on Friend Quest

Nerzugal's Dungeon Master Toolkit 2 on DM's Guild

Dragon Dice: Treefolk

Troll 2

Shield Doors in Dark Souls 2

Synthicide RPG

Time Lords

Tomb of Horrors

The World Serpent Inn, a transitive plane from 3e D&D

Sigil, the City of Doors, a hub location in the Planescape setting

Parallels, a movie about a dimension-travelling family

Sliders, a TV show from the 90s about dimensional travel

Erfworld, a webcomic written by Rob Balder

Secret of Evermore, an SNES action RPG by Squaresoft

Earthbolt, a Wu Jen spell from Complete Arcane

300: PG Version

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