Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Episode 23: The Things We Do For Money

Episode 23 is up! I had a blast making this episode, and I think there's some really good stuff in there. We get down and dirty about party balance, picking the right character, turning yourself into a frog, and whether or not DMs should charge for running a game. (Semi-spoiler: I have strong feelings about that last one.) So give us a listen!

I also have a couple other podcasts to recommend, which will be linked below. Also, I want to remind you to use our donate button! Click in the upper-right corner of the blog here and there's a button where you can donate any amount of money, big or small, to help make the podcast better. And, if you got here by using the normal blog address (http://interpartyconflict.blogspot.com) then you need to get with the times! All the cool kids to go http://www.interpartyconflict. Sure it takes you to the same place, but it's cooler. At least that's what my parents tell me.

So, give us a listen. If you have any conflicting views with my own, or if you have any questions for the podcast or Dragon's Hoard items, go ahead and submit them to InterPartyConflict@gmail.com.

Episode 23: Zero Balance

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(Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention- this episode's Dragon's Hoard segment has a slightly altered version of the background music. Let me know if you like it or hate it.)


Questions answered this episode:

1. Is there an ideal balance for party composition in 5th edition?

2. How do I figure out what sort of character works for me?

3. What is your opinion on DMs who request payment for their services?


Noteworthy links:

Adventures in Erylia, the Actual Play podcast I mentioned

Crit Academy, the rules-based podcast I mentioned

Vanilla Sky, a movie where Tom Cruise has his soul sucked out by an evil wizard

A photo of some adorable frogs that I thought of while editing the Dragon's Hoard segment

Who The F&@# Is My DnD Character, an amazing character concept generator

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